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Guardian Angel in Laredo, TX

“I’m originally from Laredo, TX; which in it’s own right has a lot of haunted history. I am now a professional story teller and I travel from school to school to tell my ghost stories, and the kids love them. The one thing I always mention at the beginning of each ghost story is that they are ALL true. All of them. Each one of my stories is a part of my past and it all started when I was 3 years old. Here’s the beginning of my continuing ghost story.

Back in 1985 my mom noticed something off about me. I was very quiet and kept to myself. At times she would come towards me to comfort me or hold me and I would scream at the top of my lungs at her attempt. My mother knew something was wrong but she couldn’t put her finger on it. After visiting a few doctors not one could give my mother an accurate diagnosis. So, I was taken home. It wasn’t until one night that my mom fed me some spaghetti and as I finished my plate I looked over to my mom and said, “It hurts here mama.” pointing to my lower right side of my stomach.

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Spirits of The Dead- Mission Regional Hospital (Mission, TX)

Mission, TX, located in Deep South Texas, appears to be a paranormal hot spot as we continue to get many interesting and creepy stories from this border town.

This strange story comes to us from a woman located in Mission, TX.  Apparently, she had a terrifying encounter at the Mission Regional Hospital with the spirits of dead people.  Check out her story below.

“Well, growing up my household was pretty religious.  We never really spoke of ghosts, but my dad always believed in them.  He would always experience creepy things in Mexico including some things here (Mission, TX).  My brother always hangs out with his friend, Noe, and they were horse-playing. Continue reading Spirits of The Dead- Mission Regional Hospital (Mission, TX)

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