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Lechuza attacks woman in Donna, Texas

Hello, I would like to share that I used to live on North Valverde Road and Sioux Road in Donna, Texas. I was coming home from a party driving down Valverde Road with my car’s sunroof open and it must have been 1 or 2 am. Well as I am turning into Sioux Road I hear scratching noises. I glance up at my sunroof and see a lechuza flying over my car and trying to get in and making a screeching noise.

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Legendary Lechusa

A woman in Pharr,TX writes in a story about the legendary “Lechusa”

“Years ago when i was young, my mother told me a story of the Lechusa (witch owls).

When my mom was a child back in the late 60’s she said a neighbor a few houses down was sick. The lady down the street was pretty much in bed all day so her husband stayed home caring for her. People from the neighborhood including the lady’s husband would always see a Lechusa flying around the house but mainly at night.

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La Lechuza


“At night in South Texas, especially under a big moon, things start moving.

Deer begin grazing, coarse-haired feral hogs emerge from the brush to steal corn from game feeders on the big ranches, five-foot rattlesnakes slide from their lair, the sensors on their arrowhead-shaped heads looking for warm meat. And sometimes, an owl spreads its wide wings and flies from its roost looking for prey.

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