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The Lady in Black of Victoria Road – Donna, Texas

This story takes place in Donna, TX. The year was 1996. Some friends and I had a basketball game that night. We returned to Donna around midnight. I had a car, so I was the “taxi.” We left Donna High School toward Victoria Rd. We turned left and proceeded toward the overpass. When we were at the highest point of the overpass, you could see a lady in black standing on the side of the road. She was at the very end of the overpass.

360 of highest point of overpass, (sighting took place at the end of overpass)

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Lured By A Crying Ghost Lady In Black

“This happened between the ages of 5-7 (1987-1989) years old, while living in Edinburg, TX, off Sugar Road and Wendy Drive by a canal.

360 of location

I had always heard the story of the crying lady, where she had drowned her kids in the canal because she couldn’t take care of them, or she was a battered wife and didn’t want them to be hurt anymore, or she was just plain old mentally unstable. I didn’t believe the story because growing up in the Valley, you hear tons of scary stories.

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Ghost Lady in Black in McAllen, Texas

This story comes to us from Dulce in South Texas

On December 27, 2012 we were visiting the Valley and were at my in laws house with our kids in McAllen. We had been there all day but were not going to sleep there, we were sleeping over at my mother’s house in Edinburg. It was very cold at night and once it got to midnight I started nagging at my husband that we needed to make our way to my mother’s house in Edinburg because of how late and cold it was and we had the kids. So finally we left the house around 12:30am. My in laws house is like three minutes away from the intersection of Bicentennial and Tamarack Ave.

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