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Childhood Witchcraft And Voodoo Dolls Result In Demonic Haunting As An Adult (Fort Worth, TX)

In September of 2017 we received a story on our True Horror Stories of Texas Facebook group page from a Forth Worth, TX woman.

Check it out…

“I have a real problem. When I was little I did witchcraft and played with voodoo dolls. My parents didn’t pay any attention. I didn’t believe in God and thought I was a witch. I live in the house I grew up and now I believe in Jesus and things are going haywire. I was even scratched last night. I hear footsteps my name called all kinds of things.”

We responded, “Scratches are often associated with demonic haunting or attempted possessions. This might not be true in your case, but it is an interesting theory.”

She replied, “No it’s true already I’m aware of it. They want me. I just got off the phone with my friend on speaker and she said that she heard a man’s voice talking in the background and there’s no one here but me.”- Juliet

We have tried to follow up with her, but she hasn’t responded.  We hope she’s alright.  Here are the pictures she sent in.  Have any of you ever experienced anything like this?


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Brujeria, La Santa Muerte and The Virgin Mary (Picture Evidence)

This next creepy story seems to be a classic case of Brujeria (Latin American Witchcraft).

“I am a very true believer in the Lord, but we always have to think this way, ” if there is good, there is BAD.”  This all happened a few months ago about in November.  I have a friend, out of nowhere she started getting ill and Doctors could not find anything that was causing for her to have a bloated stomach and be in the ICU dying.  They sent her to Houston and was there for another month in ICU and they couldn’t find anything either.  So, when they sent her back down to McAllen, TX she was in the ICU for 2 days before they would disconnect her from artificial life, her husband decided to go to a curandera in Weslaco.  I’m talking about a curandera, (ONE WHO CURES BAD) not a bruja (witch).

A Curandera performing a “limpia” or spiritual cleansing.

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