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Creepy 3 FT Tall Creature With Sharp Teeth Spotted On Highway 18 (Monahans, TX)

A couple of months ago we were contacted by Mike out of La Joya, TX who claims to have witnessed a bizarre cryptid in West Texas.  Check out Mike’s story below.

“Hello my name is Michael A. I’m from South Texas (La Joya ,TX).  I’m here working in the pipe line, staying in Monohans, TX.

Image result for monahans texas

Well, a few months ago I went down to my home place.  A few days later, I came back.  It was a hot sunny afternoon and took me 9 hours to get to Fort Stockton.  From there I took highway 18 North towards Monahans, TX.”

Image result for map of highway 18 along  and Fort Stockton

Something didn’t felt right.  It was a lonely highway.  Saw many dead deer and animals along that highway.  About 15-20 minutes North I saw something eating a dead deer.  I stopped to see what it was, that thing popped its head up while chewing that deer meat.

It was about 3 feet high.  If you have seen that movie, “Critters” it looked exactly like that, except its colors were brown with black spots.

It might have been two arms or long ears coming down its head. I can still see those sharp shark-looking teeth full of blood to this day. I’m not making this up.  So travelers going towards the oil fields be extra careful.  Be aware when you stop to take a piss on that highway.”

Sincerely: Michael A.

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Duende Dreams Comes True – Donna, Texas

This happened in 2014, in the small populated town of Donna Texas. I was having a recurring nightmare every night for 4 nights in a row. We reside next to a cemetery so it’s not unusual that we experience inexplicable “paranormal activities” in the home or its surrounding areas. So the dream was of Mexican folktale “Duendes” I grew up with stories of these mythological creatures. In the stories I heard, they were cute and funny. Until they appeared to me in my sleep.

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Duende of the Corn – Santa Maria, Texas

It’s hard to believe in paranormal activity, especially when you have never had a reason to believe in it. My story proved to me that unusual things can happen, here is my story:

A couple of my closest friends and I usually hung out around a campfire on Saturday nights to relax from the stressing week days. It was usually always the typical thing… we all crashed at our friend’s house and just enjoyed the cold weather in our boots and Carhartt jackets feeling the warmth of the bonfire at our feet. We usually stayed till the fire dies or till our parents decided when it was time to head home. However, on one Saturday night of November 2015, we decided to change things a bit and do something that would leave us full of memories.

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Ghost Kids Dancing on Bed – La Homa

On the heels of naming La Homa Road in Mission as The Most Haunted Road in Texas, we received another story from there. We are not entirely sure if this could be duendes or ghost kids, let us know what you think in the comments below.

I live in La Homa, Mission, Texas, with my wife and in laws and. I have lived here for a total of 3 years already. Well one day we got home from church and my wife decided to take a shower while I stayed in our room watching television with the lights off. I was feeling comfortable and cold so I grabbed my cover and started dozing off. I closed my eyes with the covers over my head, all of a sudden in an instant I felt a force pulling me down as I fought to get up, while trying to move, I felt small feet jumping or prancing on top of my bed and heard voices. I felt my heart racing and continued trying to get up, before I arose I heard a terrible demonic voice saying, “heheheheheheh, have fun tonight”.

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They took him at night…

This is a story from The Monitor, it took place in a small border town in Texas

“It’s los duendes,” his friend Roberto told him at daycare. “Little monsters que viven en las walls y se roban a los kids.”


About the illustrator: Bianca Rios is a freelance illustrator and artist. Learn more at
About the illustrator: Bianca Rios is a freelance illustrator and artist. Learn more at

David Bowles

“Time for bed,” announced Mrs. Castro. “Get your PJs on, Julian, and brush your teeth.”

“Okay, mommy.”

Julian Castro had experienced a bit of a growth spurt before his fifth birthday, so he could reach the sink without a step. After rebuttoning his pajama shirt, he set his teddy bear on the toilet seat and made careful swirls across his teeth with the toothbrush. He always tried to be a good boy, though his parents didn’t seem to notice much. They had their jobs and their friends. Julian was expected to keep out of the way and let them live their lives, so he made himself as invisible as possible.


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The Death of a Duende

A man in Dublin, TX claims to have witnessed the death of a Duende.

I swear it is true! I witnessed the death of a fairy! In August of 1969, we were living in the town of Dublin, Texas. I was 16 years old at the time, and my brothers, sisters and I were working in this huge lot where a house used to be. We were clearing all the weeds and garbage. This lot had an old wooden fence that bordered the whole area. It was noon and under the shade of the only tree in the lot we took our lunch break.

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