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The Zion Cemetery Horror (Frisco, TX)

“When I was between 15-17 (1996-1998) years old, and living in The Colony, TX (about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas, and still small towns back then), a group of friends and I decided it would be a great idea to go to Zion Cemetery in Frisco, TX.

It was one of the last weekends before school let out for summer, and some of us were moving away, or wouldn’t have time to hang out in the summer.

Zion Cemetery ( Frisco, TX)

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Whispering ghost girl and bouncing orbs in Deep South Texas

We have had a few stories occurring on 11th street in McAllen, TX.  In this instance, a woman named Irene, talks about a strange ball of light she witnessed in her apt with her boyfriend.  This story may correlate to a similar story which took place just a few streets away from 11th street.  You can read that story here

Here is Irene’s experience…

“Hi, I have a similar experience.  I lived in an apt on 11th St. in McAllen, TX.  My boyfriend and I were in the living room talking and then all of a sudden a silver ball that looked like an orb bounced from the ceiling fan and flew straight to the front door and disappeared.Image result for bouncing orb

It looked so real, but it was weird because it came out from the ceiling fan and hit the front door.  We thought the ceiling fan was gonna catch on fire, but the orb just disappeared.  I also had weird ghost experiences in that apt.  A little girl’s voice would whisper in my ear when I was going to bed, saying “Good Night “ or would have nightmares of a hairy figure trying to choke me.”-Irene

Read about another 11th st. story here

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Ghost Kids Dancing on Bed – La Homa

On the heels of naming La Homa Road in Mission as The Most Haunted Road in Texas, we received another story from there. We are not entirely sure if this could be duendes or ghost kids, let us know what you think in the comments below.

I live in La Homa, Mission, Texas, with my wife and in laws and. I have lived here for a total of 3 years already. Well one day we got home from church and my wife decided to take a shower while I stayed in our room watching television with the lights off. I was feeling comfortable and cold so I grabbed my cover and started dozing off. I closed my eyes with the covers over my head, all of a sudden in an instant I felt a force pulling me down as I fought to get up, while trying to move, I felt small feet jumping or prancing on top of my bed and heard voices. I felt my heart racing and continued trying to get up, before I arose I heard a terrible demonic voice saying, “heheheheheheh, have fun tonight”.

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Evil Spirits Cause Agony And Despair On 6 Mile and Los Ebanos (Alton, TX)

This creepy story comes to us from a man out of Alton, TX.  He believes evil and negative forces contributed to an abusive household.  His childhood trauma was accompanied by lurking shadows and ghostly apparitions.  Check it out.

“I lived in a house in Alton off of 6 mile line and Los Ebanos til I graduated and moved to Austin.  Well, there was always a weird feeling of agony or despair in the house.  Growing up, my parents would fight and bicker with each other and my siblings all had the worst temper.

It was not til I saw what I saw in one of our dining rooms that made me become a believer in ghosts.  My dad had gotten everyone out of the house and I was heading outside to do some yard work with them. Continue reading Evil Spirits Cause Agony And Despair On 6 Mile and Los Ebanos (Alton, TX)

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Ghosts of Rivera High School (Brownsville, TX)

This legend comes to us from Rivera High School located along the border of the South Most region of Texas, Brownsville.  Locals claim to have heard the residual screams of a teenage girl who was murdered there.

“A girl was said to have been murdered in the shower stalls of the girls locker room.  On late practices Students sometimes heard the showers go off and what looked like liquid pouring down the drain, and you could hear a blood curdling scream that would make them run out in a heartbeat.

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The Lost Little Girl of La Minita Creek (Roma, TX)

We discovered this heart breaking and creepy legend from the border town of Roma, TX.  Locals have reported seeing a little ghost girl in the woods.

“In the early 1950’s, during a severe thunderstorm a vehicle traveling across “La Minita Creek” on old Hwy83-seven miles north of Roma, struck the concrete guardrail. The vehicle, with its three occupants, flipped over the railing and plunged into the swollen creek. The driver of the vehicle, fighting the raging water, managed to extract his unconscious wife from the vehicle. Upon his return to the vehicle, he was unable to rescue their eight-year-old daughter. The little girls body was never recovered. Continue reading The Lost Little Girl of La Minita Creek (Roma, TX)

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The Crying Little Girl of Matz Street (Harlingen, TX)

Natives of Harlingen, Texas can tell you all about the little apparition who haunts Matz Street.  Locals claim that the girl wanders up and down the street, sobbing into her hands.  When approached, she is unresponsive, but will sometimes peer up at her would-be good Samaritans, before mysteriously vanishing before their eyes!

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