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Phantom Attacks Two Brothers In West Texas (Post, TX)

This story comes to us from West Texas.  Check it out.

“Well, it happened in the town of Post, Texas while my brother and I were young.  It happened one night while walking home on a hot West Texas Summer night while walking in the alley towards our home.

While walking down the alley, I get a feeling we are being followed,  so I tell my little brother, Mike, if he sees what I see at the end of the alley.  A very tall, black figure that you could not see his face, but the darkness of his figure.

So we begin to walk faster and as we do the the figure begins to move faster, but as if floating on the dirt towards us, so we begin to run even faster and the black figure begins to catch up til we get home and slide through the screen door pale as a ghost,shaking and scared.  We told my mom and she was really scared for us and we never found out what that figure was.”-John

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Slender-Limbed Shadow Creature Sighting (Palacios, TX)

“This incident occurred in August of 2016 in Palacios, TX, a tiny seaside town located on the Gulf Coast about 90 minutes south of Houston.

J, a 56-year-old man, was sitting in a chair in front of his home at about 5:30 am having a cigarette and a cup of coffee.  J is a level headed person, doesn’t spook easily and doesn’t buy into any of the paranormal hype that’s so popular today.  He feels there is an explanation for everything.  Or, at least he did.

After a few minutes he began to feel uneasy, but couldn’t figure out why because there was nothing about the morning to feel uneasy about.   It finally dawned on him that he felt like he was being watched.  He glanced around but there was nobody there, and then he saw it.  Hanging on the light pole across the street was what could only be described as a Thing.

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True Horror Stories Of Texas Documentary-“Shadow People”

We teamed up with some young filmmakers from the award winning P.S.J.A. Memorial Early College High School located in Alamo, TX to bring you a documentary about one of the creepiest and most interesting paranormal topics out there, “Shadow People”.  This documentary was directed by junior Amanda Ramirez, a film student from Alamo, TX.  Check it out!

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Shadow Person Spotted Hiding In Backyard (South Texas)

There seems to be an up-rise in stories coming in about shadow people. A shadow person is exactly what it sounds like a dark shadow like figure, sometimes with a hat on. You can find other shadow people stories here. If you have seen something like this, we want to hear about it. You can share your story here.

“In Early February of 2017, I was traveling East bound on Jasmine Street in McAllen, TX with my wife when I happened to notice something incredibly creepy in the backyard of a home located on the North side of the street.

Around 8:30pm, standing in the backyard was the dark figure of a man planking/leaning against the side of the garage of the home in question.

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The Midnight Game – Harlingen, TX

My cousin and I experienced this paranormal activity in Harlingen in late November 2014. It’s an event that we have shared with our family and have never been able to explain. It was an eerie experience that has luckily never occurred again, but it is also something that we can’t get our mind off of and can’t seem to understand.

One night the lights went out, we lit candles and sat in the living room for about 20 minutes before my cousin decided it would be a good idea to play hide and seek (something we always did whenever we were bored). I didn’t want to play because I was afraid of the dark. That’s when we opted for me using a candle. As soon as I grabbed a candle my cousin was gone. I was scared to say the least.

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Demonic Activity On Benson Road and 44th Lane Forces Family To Move (McAllen, TX)

In this story, a from a woman in McAllen, TX is forced to relocate due to a series of unfortunate events believed to be caused by malevolent spirits.  Check it out!

“Our experience was in McAllen at the time a new subdivision off Benson Road on 44th Lane. We were in our first time home, wonderful and delighted to be in our first home, not only our first home, but the model home so it was gorgeous.

Shortly after we moved in, my daughter started having terrible nightmares and did not want to sleep in her room.  To make her more comfortable, we redid her room, paint and all.  Nevertheless, it didn’t work.

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Evil Spirits Cause Agony And Despair On 6 Mile and Los Ebanos (Alton, TX)

This creepy story comes to us from a man out of Alton, TX.  He believes evil and negative forces contributed to an abusive household.  His childhood trauma was accompanied by lurking shadows and ghostly apparitions.  Check it out.

“I lived in a house in Alton off of 6 mile line and Los Ebanos til I graduated and moved to Austin.  Well, there was always a weird feeling of agony or despair in the house.  Growing up, my parents would fight and bicker with each other and my siblings all had the worst temper.

It was not til I saw what I saw in one of our dining rooms that made me become a believer in ghosts.  My dad had gotten everyone out of the house and I was heading outside to do some yard work with them. Continue reading Evil Spirits Cause Agony And Despair On 6 Mile and Los Ebanos (Alton, TX)

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Ghosts of Rivera High School (Brownsville, TX)

This legend comes to us from Rivera High School located along the border of the South Most region of Texas, Brownsville.  Locals claim to have heard the residual screams of a teenage girl who was murdered there.

“A girl was said to have been murdered in the shower stalls of the girls locker room.  On late practices Students sometimes heard the showers go off and what looked like liquid pouring down the drain, and you could hear a blood curdling scream that would make them run out in a heartbeat.

Continue reading Ghosts of Rivera High School (Brownsville, TX)

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“Fred”- The Ghost Of The Old PSJA Auditorium (San Juan, TX)

For generations of actors from the award winning and highly regarded theatre program of the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District, there have been reports of unusual activity ruminating from the campus formerly known as PSJA High School in San Juan, TX.

Students and staff claim to have seen the ghostly apparation of “Fred”, a former janitor, roaming the theater at all hours of the day and night.  Legend has it, “Fred”, died as a result of falling nearly 40 feet from the ceiling of the theater while changing a lighting fixture.

In addition, as part of tradition, theatre  directors always made sure to leave a reserved seat for “Fred” during any production at PSJA High School. Continue reading “Fred”- The Ghost Of The Old PSJA Auditorium (San Juan, TX)

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Mission Junior High Shadow Teacher (Mission, TX)

For decades, there have been rumors about Mission Junior being haunted by the restless spirit of a deceased teacher.

“Mission Junior High School – Science Building East Stairwell- formerly Mission High School At night, you can just make out the shadow of a man walking up and down the stairs ( supposedly a teacher who fell down the stairs when he was leaving one night after school.)   Continue reading Mission Junior High Shadow Teacher (Mission, TX)

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