Nacogdoches – Stephen F. Austin State University – Griffith Hall – 3rd Floor – A female resident assistant jumped out of her window after playing with a Ouija board. Her spirit is said to Haunt the floor. The lights in the community shower flicker at the same time every night which is said to be the time she died. Residents have reported seeing a girl at the end of the hall in tattered clothes and when they look back she is gone. Also, around 2AM every night, people on the South wing here footsteps running by. One resident has reported watching out the peephole and seeing no one but feeling a gust of air rush under her door as if someone had ran by. – Febuary 2005 Update: no longer used as a dorm, but a women’s dorm at one time

Nacogdoches – Stephen F. Austin State University – Mays Hall 11 – Before the building was a dormitory, it was a hospital, with a morgue in the basement. On the other end of the building is a deep, ruined bomb shelter from the early 40s ar 50s. In the basement is a very negative feeling, very hard to describe. It is usually locked, but occasionally residents break in and wander around. It is mild there though. The bomb shelter has been locked for years but last year was broken into. Recently we discovered what appears to be a false wall in there, because the lining on the wall ends (no one noticed before because of the lighting and the junk all over the floor).. The negative feeling from the basement is present in the bomb shelter too, but grows as you near the false wall. Dorm residents are curious to explore but don’t want to get caught. No one knows any specific stories, but we all speculate it would have to deal with someone dying in one fo the hospitalrooms. No ideas about what’s behind the false wall, though. – Febuary 2005 Correction:there was never a morgue. The first floor of the original wing was the campus clinic which did have a couple of overnight observation rooms, but the city hospital was (and still is) less than half a mile away and the campus clinic was never used for long term care. The clinic closed when the “short wing” was built in the 60’s, and the clinic was renovated into rooms (which is why those rooms resemble the short wing rooms more than the rooms above. The false wall in the bomb shelter and it was a bomb shelter at one time it still had emergency rations (not sure if they are still there) covers an alcolve that to hold air filtration gear. A shaft behind the wall runs into the main basement.

Nacogdoches – Stephen F. Austin State University – Griffith Hall – Its still used as a women’s dorm building and one of the elevators always skips the third floor where the girl committed suicide.

Nacogdoches – Stephen F. Austin State University – The Theater It has been said that in the construction of the theater a worker died and has been haunting the place since. The spirit has killed a professor there.

Nacogdoches – Stephen F. Austin State University – Wilson Hall building # 13 – November 2005 Update: Has recently been torn down. – Reports of stereos will turn themselves on, speakers will increase in volume until they blow, chairs will move themselves, books will re-arrange themselves, and apparitions.

Nacogdoches – Sterne-Hoya House – A former housekeeper reports feeling a gentle pressure on every inch of her body and suddenly felt like the room was spinning. She could feel a happy presence. It went away as she descended the stairs but she seldom entered the attic after that and didn’t clean the house much longer. Possibly the children of the house. But in the cellar the feeling was more negative.

Nacogdoches – Turner Fine Arts Auditorium – “Chester” haunts the theater building on the Stephen F. Austin University campus. Reputed to be the ghost of the architect who died before the building’s completion—some think the blueprints were misinterpreted and the building was erected backwards. Other people believe that “Chester” is the ghost of a former drama student. He has been seen as a face on a stage curtain and even once appeared onstage as an extra ghost in a play in the 1960’s. Students have reported cold spots and strange noises in the halls of the building. November 2003 update/correction: Chester was the architect of the building. When learning his plans were set backwards, he killed himself in disgrace. Chester was seen originally in a photo of the original theatre cast of Hamlet. With the actor playing the “ghost” in Hamlet sick, the director found the only person who knew the lines. When the cast picture was taken that night, only a faint glow comes from where the ghost portraying the character was standing. Members were dumbfounded. Also, a spiritual team has done readings within the building and found a mediocre feeling within the halls but a strong feeling within the theatre itself.

Near Oakalla – The “OZONE” – It a long winding road with lots of sharp curves, hills and bridges. It is said that the headlights of a truck will just appear out of no where and chase you till you run off the road in which many people have died on that road. There is also an old bridge that is still there but condemn now, that a school bus full of kids fell over side down into the river killing them in the process. Since then, the have a new road and bridge near an intersection by a white church leading away from the old creepy one, which is in the vicinity of east of the new bridge. You will see a large metal road block next to a Historical Marker which I think someone stole. In the mist of the trees you can see the metal beams of the bridge. You can still walk over the old bridge which base road is made out of wood planks; and you’re quiet and listen, you will hear the cries of the screaming children. There is also a grave yard across the road from the bridge which has been rumored to have a witch’s grave in it. The headstone glows a shimmering orange color like the reflection of flames from a fire when there is a full moon.

New Braunfels – The Hotel Faust – Newspaper articles about the hotel ghost, noted for drifting in the hallways of an upper floor, entering closed doors, turning water and lights on and off, etc.

Noack – Lawrence chapel – Late nights corpse’s candle’s can be seen in the graveyard behind the church. After dusk the preacher who died while at the church can be heard.

North Richland Hills – Knob Hill – People have reported seeing dark figures moving through the trees late at night at the top of the hill. Residents also report shouts and hollers early in the morning before dawn. It is reported that a local outlaw Known as Sam Bass took two men up to the top of the hill in 1870 and shot both of them in the head. Some residence have reported over the years of seeing men with old cowboy hats walking around by their fences, but when they go out to investigate no one is there.

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