La Feria – C.E. Vail Gym – In 1978 there was a suicide by a young girl who hung herself in the gym. For many years students and Faculty workers claimed to have seen her. A Custodian was once cleaning the gym at 5:30 and claimed to have seen her walking with a rope in her hand. Also students reported to teachers that the young girl had chased them out of the gym. Back then the school use to be a high school now it is an elementary. The gym has been demolished and was said to be built on an old cemetery.

La Joya – La Joya High School – in the seventies.  The High School students did variety show at Halloween in the middle school auditorium.  There have been unexplained noises in locked rooms, moving of desks and the like.  The students called the building haunted.

La Joya – Nelly Schenior Middle School – There are stories that this middle school was built on top of a cemetery. You can hear steps at night, and watch shadows through the window. Also the desk start to move and the janitors always have to move it back in the morning. The basement is locked down. They say its hunted a teacher was killed there and you can hear her looking for things.

Lake Jackson – Jackson Lake – The lake for which the town was named, Jackson Lake is a slave-built structure with a strange history. The Lake was made to serve the Jackson Plantation, owned by two brothers. During a particularly ugly spat, one of the Jackson brothers murdered the other and threw his head into the nearby lake. From that day, apparitions have appeared as well as sounds of the headless brother searching for his head. The plantation was moved decades later to make way for a new subdivision. People who live in the now-called “Lake Jackson Farms” have reported apparitions outside their homes, strange noises, and in at least a few cases, full hauntings. All that remains on the site of the original plantation house is the fireplace, made of mud brick.

Lampasas – Sulpher Springs – In the 1800’s the only daughter of the richest man in the town fell in love and got pregnant by one of there slaves. She told her father and he had the slave hung. After she had the baby she went and jumped into the Sulpher springs with her newborn baby and drowned. But the body mysteriously floated up to the top of the springs 15 years later. It is now said that the ghost walks around the grounds were her house used to be but is now a Intermediate school and wandering around the old slave house with her baby looking for her lost love to show him the baby.

LaMarque – LaMarque High School – When people go up to the cat walk , people can hear voices when you are with 1 other person. It is said that someone was climbing the ladder and fell straight down killing instantly. If you go further down, there use to be an elevator shaft which people say the line broke and it fell while people where in it.

LaPorte – USS Battleship Texas – A sailor named “Red” is occasionally seen by visitors and staff appear wearing a WW2 era Navy uniform. He would sometimes acknowledge your presence and then vanish usually into a wall or a closed door. Some say Red is the ghost of the Texas’ only seaman killed in WW2. The organization that now operates the Battleship Texas now offers a “stay the night” program.

Laredo – Alma pierce elementary – There’s a rest room that has been closed for years already and the say its haunted because it was in Halloween that there was a Jamaica and the was 3 girls Ashley, Maria, and tiffany. They locked Maria in the restroom. They had forgot about her until Maria’s mom called 2 the two girls house asking if they had seen her. They told Maria’s mom that they were joking around and locked her in the restroom. They told Maria’s mom they had forgot about her. They send the police to the school it was about 10:00 pm already. They looked for her in the restroom but they only found her shoes and cloth. Maria’s body was not there only blood

Laredo – Lamar Bruni-Vergara – It is said that close to the school, a girl from LBJ was shot and killed. Her body was found a few feet down a ditch, and her soul is believed to haunt the school every night in the maintenance room in A-hall after 7:00 p.m., the time she was killed.

Laredo – Laredo Childrens’ Museum – The childernes musem first floor used to be a morgue before a newer building was buit and the old one with was torn down. Sometimes you can see shadows and there have been reports of voices and cold spots.

Laredo – Clark Middle School – In the 7th grade hall,room 28, janitors have reported hearing voices at night. There has also been reports of hearing children laughing and playing in the room. In some cases the computers have turned on and off and lights have flickerd.
Laredo – Cigarroa Middle School – It is said that in the section of the school known as the sixth grade hall, you can hear the bouncing of a ball which is being chased by a young boy. Janitors say that at this exact time the clocks posted at every hall start to spin like crazy and they have never been able to set them on time.

Laredo – Circle K McPherson rd. – an apparition of a little girl wearing a sundress walking thought the isles carrying a carton of milk in her left hand and a package of nutter butter in her right hand.

Laredo – Civic Center – A man had an accident where the dressing rooms are. The weights that make the curtains move, fell down on his head killing him. It is now said by the janitors that you can hear him walking at night and that he even pinches you! If you go up the second floor were the dressing rooms are, stage left, you can still see the cracks on the wall and floor left by the weights!

Laredo – Laredo Community College – The site of the Laredo Community College is actually an old fort. A lot of the old buildings are still up and either used as classrooms or offices. The thing is if you check the campus maps there used to be a cemetery that went with it, which is where people claim to have seen apparitions.

Laredo – El Barrio / El Cuatro – Appropriations of a woman and child dressed in white.

Laredo – Fire Station #2 – Believed to be an old grave site before the station was built. And haunted by a firefighter by the name of Lupito. Firefighters feel their legs being pulled off the bed while they try to sleep. Furniture shaking and moving, and reports of actual levitation.

Laredo – Hamilton Hotel – Voices of children running and playing can be heard.

Laredo – Health Department – There are apparitions of people, figures more than actually people, who walk around once the offices close. Lights flicker on and off, and the janitors often walk into cold spots, left with eerie feelings and find that their cleaning supplies move without anyone being around.

Laredo – H.E.B. Guadalupe – An apparition of a man is to be seen at night dragging himself from section to section trying to get out of the store.

Laredo – J.P. OSCAR MARTINEZ’S OFFICE – The Old Department of Public Safety office – This was the old DPS office and several employees have witnessed a deceased DPS officer wandering around the building at all times. He turns lights, computers, etc. on/off; he slams doors shut; shuffles papers/files around; you can actually see the door knob turning (like someone on the other side trying to open the door) but there is no one in the other room; strange sensation of being watched and cold chills.

Laredo – La Posada Hotel – This hotel is set aside the Rio Grande River and just aside of St. Augustan Church. The building used to be a convent and many have seen a nun roaming around the hotel as well as a spirit that takes the form of employees and looks just like them but will not talk. Other occurrences such as other sightings, cold spots, someone calling out your name, objects moving and falling with no explanation. You can clearly hear footsteps and running in the St. Augustan Ball Room when there is no one there.

Laredo – Lake Casa Blanca Ballroom – one night after a dance at the Casa Blanca ballroom a guy named Mario gave a young woman wearing a necklace a ride to her house. When she got off she left her necklace in the car. Mario looked around and she had disappeared. He got of the car and rang the doorbell at her house. He told the man whom answered the door about the lady he gave a ride to and how she left her necklace. The man explained it was his daughter’s necklace, but that she had been dead for over 5 years because she had drowned at the lake.

Laredo – Laredo Mall – around 10:30 some say they see a little girl walking around she has a doll on her right hand and they heard her crying for her mom they say her clothing is about the mid 1900´.

Laredo – Laredo national bank – The laredo national bank is haunted because three years ago there was a robbery and the 51 year old manager got shot know it is said that you could hear his foot steps roaming around. in one case an officer  claimed he heard footsteps and cashiers opening by themselves. to this day it is said to be haunted.

Laredo – Main Boy’s Club – Through out the years there have been reports of sounds coming from all over the building when rooms are empty or even after hours. In the gym for instance people have heard laughter and basketballs bouncing only to come in to an empty room and in the swimming pool area people have heard the water splashing around and the diving board being used, again when it is empty. There is a rumor that a child drowned in the pool which could explain things.

Laredo – Martin High School – it is said to be haunted because there was a cemetery where the school is. the people who were in charge of the cemetery only took the head stones and not the bodies! At night you can here the sound of wielding, or see shadows in the school gym.

Laredo – Memorial Middle School – They have said to have seen a priest at the top floor of the school, it has been said that memorial usd to be a all boys school and that the priest lived there and some how died there.

Laredo – Mercy Regional Diagnostic Center – This used to be an old apartment building just south of St. Agustin High School in the old heights area. Reports of a demonic looking figure that has glaring eyes and a wide grin from ear to ear with a reptilian like tongue hanging down to his chest.

Laredo – Nixon High School – During the 1970’s, a girl on the school dance team was killed by her jealous boyfriend. She was supposedly decapitated. Witnesses have claimed to see her spirit roaming about the school with no head. It is said that if you are by the school gym at night, you can hear the spurs on her boots chiming in the dark.

Laredo – Old Mercy Hospital – that hospital has been haunted since they closed it and they say that they can still hear voices of all the people that died in the morgue.

Laredo – the Old Police Station – Every time you go there you hear footsteps and you can feel whispers behind your back and some spots in there you feel a freeze and some times would appear a cat without the head people said that they used to do witchcraft there after they closed the police station.

Laredo – People have said that a little boy with a red backpack has been seen a night just roaming around the school especially in the gym, cafeteria, and the 400 wing. Teachers, coaches, faculty, and some students have seen this little boy but they say that he looks like a real person but does not talk.

Laredo – Rio Grande Plaza Hotel – This hotel is the largest building in Laredo, and is also the only building in Laredo with a 13th floor(due to superstition, no other building makes a 13th floor). A story goes that one of the workers in the hotel had died but he is still seen in the hotel today. He can be seen cleaning in the hotel room floors, and several guests and workers call out to him, but he does not respond. He still wears his traditional brown working uniform and constantly appears and disappears from sight. Other things reported in the building are scratching sounds in the 15th floor and stairway, the falling of objects, phone call disruptions and mysterious phone calls, and the sounds of children running.

Laredo – Rio Grand river – the river is hunted by a women name Maria who pushed her 3 children off a cliff and later took her own life the same way the next day. But she hunts the river till this day every night you could here crying and calling out her children name along the river they say if u see her she will come after thinking that you are one of her children

Laredo – The Texas Rural Legal Aid building – The Texas Rural Legal Aid building is about a block south of the Magnet School and is rumored to have been inhabited by monks at sometime. Workers have stated that they have seen a dark shadow walking around from room to room and stopping at one of the desks and pausing for along while, they say in the area where he pauses there used to be a bell which one of the monks would ring in order to announce things. At one point the staff left a tape recorder on overnight on a staircase to see if they could record strange noises and they recorded footsteps going up and down, an abrupt stop and someone screaming no just before what sounded like someone kicking the tape recorder down the stairs where it was found the next morning.

Laredo – United High School – United High School has been haunted for years. Some say they would see a dirty little girl under the portables playing or looking for some thing in the dirt. Others say it is haunted by an Indian. Janitors have experienced this haunting at night. One night a janitor was cleaning one of the portables, picked up the trash, put it in a bag and fixed the desks, turned off the lights and locked the door. As he was walking away he looked back and saw that the lights were on. He opened the door and the trash had been thrown on the ground and desks were messed up again.

Laredo – United Middle School – There is a section that is closed off because it is said that a girl was killed after a basketball game when the ball went rolling down the stairs. It is said that you can see her shadow and hear her.

Laredo – V.M.T. Magnet School – Reports of footsteps on the second floor even though no one is there, there is a foul odor that travels around the room and a cold spot.

Laredo – Zacate creek – A lady covered in mud wearing a white dress is said to be seen walking through Zacate creek in La Azteca area. There is usually a foul odor in this area, people say it is the sewage that smells, but others say it’s the smell of a ghost which is most likely to be that lady.

LaSara – From Raymondville heading to Lasara (281) – On the way to Lasara Many people have seen a man walking on the side of the road. If you stop and pick him up he seems almost real. All he ask is that you give him a ride to the Lasara cemetery. While in the vehicle though you feel a sense of sorrow and coldness. Then as the man gets out of the car he disappears without a trace.

League City – Clear Creek High School- On several occasions, people have witnessed spectral forms sitting in a small gazebo outside the band hall and auditorium. The gazebo was set there along with a stone commemorating students that have died while attending school there.

League City – Nasa Road 1 – this part of Nasa Road 1 was completely within the last couple of years, and runs through two sets of neighborhoods. On the new road, witnesses have seen several shadow forms crouching at the edge of the trees, seen more shadows crossing the road and felt presences watching me. At the end of Nasa Road 1, there is a neighborhood that has been there for several years. Within that neighborhood, first is a large tree that radiates a dark presence. There is house next to it that is almost constantly lit, but that tree remains dark. A cemetery near by is reported to have demonic looking creatures roaming it.

Liberty Hill – Witches Grave – Supposedly in the 17-1800s, a black slave was accused of being a witch. She was hung in a nearby tree (which is still there) and buried in the cemetery. Her grave marker says something like “whoever passes over this grave, shall die as I died”… the words are so worn off that you can hardly read them. On Halloween night, people claim to hear the “witch” and sometimes see her hanging in the tree.

Lindale – old grade school gym – it is said that while playing basketball in the gym that you can hear kids voices coming from the underground classrooms that haven’t been used in many years. Also if you go downstairs you could hear the voices even stronger and while leaving the lights will turn on behind you and the dangling light fixture will be shaking around. some have even heard chains rattling.

Littlefield – Lennox/Church School – In a small church house or what people would also call a school house. There is to be seen lights turning on and off and black shadows have been seen in there. It has been said if you drive there around midnight you can see both shadows and lights on.

Lockhart – Lockhart County Court and Jail House – Closed in the early 70s, it was made into a museum that is opened on the weekends. The top three levels are what was once the old jail. The jail
section is filled with so much pain and sadness and death, it’s hard to breathe! The whole place gives off bad vibes. You can sense that a lot of people died up there, and there was a lot of suffering. It’s sad and creepy at the same time.

Lolita – Industrial Junior High – Apparitions of a elder gentleman whose spoke through telekinesis, doors closing after hours with footsteps, Orbs have been seen with bright lights.
Loop – Loop I.S.D. – When at the school late at night you can hear desks moving, lockers shutting, and footsteps in the halls.

Los Fresnos – Leo Aguilar Memorial Stadium – after the death of Leo Aguilar, who died of a accident while playing a football game after every football game on Fridays when everyone is gone and the lights are off you cud see a man in the football uniform running around and u could also hear the collision of the helmets and pads.

Lubbock – Broadway Ave – There is a sort of strip shopping center that has a couple of bars and a few stores. The building was a hotel at the turn of the century, and there are several restless spirits.

Lubbock – O.L. Slaton – Originally posted as J.T. Hutchison – it has been said that a substitute teacher kill him self. Every now and then you will see light go one and off and hear strange noises. Also, the light is in the theater, and the ghost has also been known to make the stage lights shake violently from time to time. Supposedly, it has tried to push people down the stairs a few times. As for the identity of the ghost, it was supposedly a teacher who died near the theatre when it was being built.

Lubbock – Texas Tech University – Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House – Many accounts have been reported of ghost sightings in lodge since it has been built recently. Pledges report that during pledge-ship, there were many sightings of male ghosts watching them through the windows and have been reported to haunt certain date parties whispering to the girl dates that their date is gay. One certain pledge said that a 5th year senior alumni has had strange behaviors towards the pledges and has been seen at night wandering the lodge talking to shadowy male figures.

Lubbock – Texas Tech University – Geosciences Building – Supposedly during the night of the Tech Carol of Lights, you can see an image in the top center window standing there looking out just as all the lights surrounding Memorial Circle are turned off.

Lubbock – Texas Tech University – Horn/Knapp Hall – There is a storage room that many people do not know about on the third floor.- August, 2004 correction – formerly posted as being on the fourth floor. There is no fourth floor, just a small attic.- A little boy died up there and you can now hear him throwing a ball down the stairs. Sometimes he will knock on the door if you knock first.

Lubbock – Texas Tech University – Ranching Heritage Center – The two story house at the Southwest end of the complex has been reported to have a white female in one of the upper windows. The police have responded to the reports of the female and have checked the building only to find it empty. The female is believed to be the wife of the rancher that built the house.

Lubbock – Texas Tech University – Thompson Hall – Thompson Hall was where Gross-Anatomy was located for its med school until they built a separate building for the med school. There are rumors that it was used for the morgue at one time also. There are reports of seeing people on floors that are locked and electronically monitored when no one had opened the doors. The lights will go out and sometimes turn on when you are directly under them.

Lubbock – Texas Tech University – water tower – On the coldest night of the year you can often see what looks like 5 or 6 young men on the top catwalk which goes around the water tank. They appear up there all night as if they are spending the night. It is always the coldest night that year, so you can’t predict in advance when that may be. The first reported sighting was about 1949 or 1950 and seen almost every year since when observed. There is no knowledge as to who they are.

Luling – The Banks of San Marcos River – An invisible “thing” haunts the marsh and surrounding woods in this vicinity. Hunters and fisherman have had numerous terrifying encounters with this entity. It is not visible to the human eye, but makes its presence known by weird sounds and the disturbance or “pressing down” of nearby foliage. Ghost? Elemental? No one really knows what this frightening creature is that haunts the desolate swamp and nearby woods on the San Marcos.

Luling – Edgar B. Davis Hospital – the ghost of the man who created the hospital (same name) nurses and doctors have reports about doors opening and closing medicine being knocked on the ground when only 1 person in the room

Luther – Old Gay Hill School – Just outside of Big Spring, Supposedly the school’s ceiling collapsed and killed students in the auditorium. The principal knew about the safety hazard concerning the ceiling, and didn’t do anything about it until it was too late. He felt guilty and went home and hung himself (his house is just down the road from the school). The principal haunts the house, and the children haunt the school. Strange lights, sounds, and apparitions can be observed at both the house and the school. The school was reported to be a place for devil worship after the disaster occurred. Feelings of being watched and stalked occur at the school. Another story is, is that a young girl had hung herself in the girls bathroom. Reasons floating around are that she had failed a class, had been rejected, and was murdered. After her death the school, then town, began to fade away. With the town in repression, the school was in trouble. Press and families were putting alot of heat on the school, and it was too much for the principle. He shot himself in his office. After these events, the school was shut down, and the town no longer exists. But you can still visit this school. BECAREFUL, IT IS FALLING APART, THE ROOF HAS CAVED IN, AND THERE IS METAL AND ROCKS EVERYWHERE. It is said, that the bathroom and the principle’s office, are very cold, with a sense of being watched, almost breathed on, it feels, on the back of your neck. In the bathroom, with no lights, if you can stand it, as you stand in the bathroom, unable to see anything you can almost see a girls face, RIGHT in front of your face, LOOKING you right in the eyes!

Lyford – Country Many years ago a little girl was killed by a drunk driver while searching for her missing dog. When going down this road late at night, and turning off your lights, your car will accelerate without even pushing the gas. And you can even see lights and a car braking in front of you. If your lucky you can still see a little girl searching with her flashlight.

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