Waco – Baylor University – Some of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s original works are kept in the old Library on campus. She has been seen walking the halls at night holding a candle, wearing a white gown. Residents have seen her in the top floor window peering outside at us. Also, a statue of her sits out in front of the library. Her arms are at her sides, however, some nights the shadow that was cast on to the library behind her showed her arms held up high above her head.

Waco – Baylor University – Baylor Residential – Formerly listed as Brooks Hall – At Baylor University, the oldest college in the state of Texas, exists a mysterious phantom on the abandoned fifth floor of the oldest dorm on campus. Violin music is heard in the dead of night and chilling sightings of a cloaked figure in top hat and cloak staring down and illuminated by an eerie candlelight have been widely reported by spooked residents. Investigations have wielded little fact but the enormous amount of eyewitness accounts and spine tingling sightings have given the legend a grand following. One night the shattering of glass was reported as the phantom peered down and paused his playing and in a fit of apparent rage struck a window. Come morning when level heads prevailed and the storm of the previous night had passed, no damage was found. Still the unpredictable toiling of the phantom have attracted audiences in the witching hour in hopes of catching a glimpse of the mysterious floating candlelight that often hovers from room to room and then vanishes only to appear in the other wing of the building. One unsettling account recollects the viewing of a noose and dangling of a shadowy corpse after the phantom finished the evening’s mournful serenade. Still more haunting is the episode on record of the lights failing the building and an ungodly tapping and cold sensation filtrating the respective doors of the fourth floor of the building. Only one resident dared investigate the unwelcome visitors calling. It is claimed that he peered into pitch darkness to find the horrific silhouette of a cloaked figure in a top hat turn and stare him down through the darkness and calmly vanish out of sight as he glided parallel down the corridor, needless to say it was not pursued. The university has failed to satisfy rumors of hauntings and has downplayed the events for close to half a century now. The Victorian styled villain who roams the corridors of the uninhabited floor and occasionally mingles with the living loves to make an entrance, the hoax is to elaborate for any collegiate prankster and the tradition has endured for too long. Perhaps the only explanation is that the phantom is ultimately unexplainable. – October 2007 Update – This old hall was recently torn down. A new Baylor residential college has been built in it’s place.

Waco – Cameron Park – Lindsy Hollow Road – Two alleged horse thieves use to hang out on Lindsey Hollow Road. The bodies of the two brothers were found hanging from a tree about 100 feet from the road, killed by vigilantes in 1880. Shadowy images of the hanging brothers can be seen in the old tree. Reports of reflections of unknown person, a spectral party, hearing screams, feeling paralyzed, & apparitions.

Waco – Cameron park – Witches Castle – this place called The witches castle is in Cameron park, if you go up to it there is a road and you turn right and go up all the way, you then start to smell something terrible, the smell is the bodies the witches killed, and you can hear screams, gasps, and banging. – October 2007 Update – An investigator reports that it is unknown if this place even exists. They talked to a park representative, from the Waco Parks and Recreation Dept and the representative’s response was, “Yes, we’ve heard about this place, but it’s not in the park.” The authors of “Weird Texas” claim that Witch’s Castle is really Proctor Springs in Cameron Park. This isn’t the case either. There is no building at all at Proctor Springs; there are just picnic tables.

Waco – University High School – There are strange noises in the gym during basketball games when somebody goes in the boys restroom they can hear two boys talking to each other there but when you go in you won’t see nobody.

Waco – Rainbow Lake/Creek – The whole Rainbow Lake area has been plagued with rumors of witchcraft, cult activity, and peeping Tom’s. Some homes that back up to the Rainbow Lake area have reported seeing paranormal figures, hearing shrieks during the night, and cold spots in the heat of summer. Rumors of a dead body being found further upstream in the Rainbow Creek area have also turned up as well as a sighting of a ghost-like male deeper into the woods. A few graves have also been found in the area, some marked with simple wooden crosses while others remain unmarked. – March 2008 Update: This location dose in fact exists. It is an area located right off on the frontage road of Highway 84 and Hewitt/Estates drive. It is right between Braughton fields and the Sherwin Williams paint store. If you go to Google maps and in put the following location (Rainbow Dr, Woodway, TX 76712) zoom in a bit and you will see the lake. However This location is on a private drive. There may be trespassing issues. Be safe and be courteous.

Waxahachie – Catfish Plantation Restaurant – Update: recently burned down 6/29/03 – This Restaurant is haunted by past residents named Eliza Richards, who died at age 77 in 1925, and her son Jesse Thomas Richards, who died at age 68 in 1937. Eliza is the “Elizabeth” Her spirit appears as her younger self, a girl of about 19, the age she was at her first marriage, a happier time for her. It is how she projects herself now, from memory. The “old farmer, Will” is her son J.T. Richards, who was the local meat cutter and grocer from the early 1900s until his death in 1937. The third ghost, Carrie, has been correctly identified. Caroline Jenkins Mooney lived in the house from the 1950s until her death in 1970. Waitresses and customers are always reporting strange things that happen–rude patrons having plates dumped on them, cold spots in the bathroom. Pictures have been taken that show a slender young woman in outline form. One is a farmer, one is an old woman who lived there, and one is a young girl who was murdered on her wedding day in the house. Supposedly a burglar attempted to burglarize the safe one night and seemed to leave in a hurry. – September 2004 update: The Catfish Plantation, which was partially burned in 2003, is now back up and open for business. The owners say that the three ghosts (Elizabeth, Will, and Caroline) are still present.

Waxahachie – Site of the last confederate hanging by union army, Private John Hemerich, is seen by some to be standing by the side of the road on Becky Rd.

Waxahachie – Waters St. – A little boy is said to be haunting the streets late at night in his bike. The story goes as is. One day late at night, he was riding his bike, when a car of drunk teenagers shot him for no reason. It is said that he still rides his bike late at night, and if you approach him he takes out his revenge on you.

Weatherford – Baker Mansion – Originally built in 1894 it is said to be haunted by Charles Baker, a son of the of the original owner JD Baker. JD Baker died before the house was completed and Charles mysteriously disappeared in 1908. It was purchased by the Fant family in 1940 and reports of ghostly encounters are given by a relative who lived in the house off and on during a 30 year period. She reports seeing shadows on the staircase, feelings of being touched by an invisible hand, seeing ghostly figures and on one occasion the sounds of someone violently pounding the inside of the locked basement door when she was alone in the house. The current owners have had no encounters with any ghostly presence but a worker states that an unseen person tried to push them off the stairs on the second floor. Source:

Mansion Weatherford – Diamond Oaks – Late at night if you come around a curve in the road on Diamond Oaks Trail there will be big rocks laying in the middle of the street, then you will hear little kids laughing, and playing. This has been reported many times.

Weatherford – Horseshoe Bend – an old Victorian home sits off little country road said to be haunted by little girl and mother

Weatherford – Lake Weatherford – There have been reports of a bull like creature with eyes like fire around the lake Weatherford. Native Americans that used to live in the area called it the “Demon Water Cow”.

Webb – Laredo – Zapata highway – In the early nineteen ninety’s a family was driving towards Rio Bravo, Texas and 5 miles before getting there, they had an accident and they all died. The area is marked by three crosses. Apparitions of the family have been reported.

Weslaco – Airport Elementary – when your outside in the playground and you get close to the fence you could hear footsteps and you turn and look and there is nothing there they say that a person died there years back.

Weslaco – Weslaco High School – It is said that several years back, a classroom of students witnessed the sudden death of their teacher in the I wing of the school. Today his voice can be heard every Friday during lunch in a quiet classroom teaching. Some students claim to have even seen words appearing on the board, with no one in sight.

Weslaco – Weslaco high school – J Wing – in the j wing it is said that a janitor died several years ago and now you can see him in the halls cleaning and singing at the same time during 5:00
West Columbia – Palmetto Thickets & Woods – This immediate area in and around West Columbia and the old settlement of East Columbia and the surrounding woods and palmetto thickets abounds in ghost tales. There is the lady in the gray taffeta dress, and the ghost hounds of Orizimbo Plantation where Santa Ana was detained, who still wait for the return of the deceased owner of the plantation. They were reported to have been seen recently. Many other stories also float like wisps in the wind. This is one of the oldest parts on Texas to be settled, originally a part of Austin’s Colony, so these are old “haunts”.

Weslaco – Central Middle School – This is an old annex building that was used as a classroom, a teacher went crazy and killed all of her students. People now say that you can hear students screaming and crying. Until this day the annex building still remains but is not being used.

White Oak – Shilo School – There is an old school that was an all black school in the early 1900’s. The school was burnt down by the KKK and several black kids died. There are remains of the school still standing and a historical marker in front of it. At night you can hear voices, cries and the air gets cold.

Whitehouse – Bascom Road – At night you can see a woman dressed in white crossing the Bascom Cemetery road with a knife in her hand, she is possibly the ghost of a woman who stabbed her husband then stabbing herself. He lived but she died. He died sometime after that, she is said to be searching for him to finish what she started.

Wichita Falls – Drunk Tom – Outside of fallstown there is a place in between the North Texas State Hospital and Southwest parkway, where a young college bound man, Drunk Tom, was walking along the Holliday Creek reservoir. Drunk Tom had been drinking heavily that night and either tripped or was pushed into the reservoir. It is said if you go there at night and stand in the exact spot where he died, you will hear a whiskey bottle breaking against the concrete, and see something in the corner of your eye, which immediately disappears.

Wichita Falls – Highway 79 Barn – There was three men who raped and killed a woman and got hanged for doing it. If you go to the barn it is said you can see the woman and the three men wandering around. – Febuary 2005 Update: This place is reported to no longer exist.

Wichita Falls – Lucy Park – cemetery behind Lucy Park – There is also a statue that’s called “Little Sister”. It’s a statue of a young women and it is said that she died from a fever she caught in England when she went there to purchase items for her home after her marriage. If you go there at midnight and you truly feel sorry for her the statue will cry. – June 2008 Update: Although it has long been a ghost story, Flora Kemp was never engaged, never married. She was on a vacation in Detroit, Michigan with her family when she died of typhoid fever in 1910. Even today, people visit her gravesite and put pennies at the base of the statue called, “Little Sister” which is a statue of a young girl walking down a staircase. It is said that she can sometimes be seen at night with a tear streaming down her cheek. The submitter to this update saw the tear once, and since has been back and hasn’t seen it.

Wichita Falls – North Texas State Hospital – Administration
Building – Old building, built in the 1920’s. Used to house the insane, with many deaths occurring prior to it being turned into offices. Lights can be seen going off and on. On quiet evenings, can hear moans and wails coming from the third floor. Security reports occasionally hearing chains rattling and doors opening and closing. Employees see vague shapes at the ends of the hallways at dinnertime.

Wichita Falls – North Texas State Hospital “M” Building – At night doors opening and closing and footsteps in the hallways. An apparition of a “nurse in a white dress with the old nurses cap on” checking on the patients, Security guards have reported a hand on their shoulder but when they turned to look, no one was there. Cold spots where also noted.

Wichita Falls – Old Insane Asylum – You can hear water dripping in the basement although the place has been vacant and no utilities for over 30 years. When up on the second floor we heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, but no one else was in the building. Also if you are very quite on a quite night, can hear the faint sound of old printers and machines running. – October 2007 Update: It was located off of 287 on California St. Building was renovated about 4 or 5 years ago.

Wichita Falls – Screaming Sheila Bridge – Bordering an old ghost town, about 5 miles from church, there is a bridge. The town of Clara was established in the 1800’s. Sometime in the mid 1800’s there was a woman put to trial and convicted of practicing Wicca. She was burned alive on a bridge. The whole bridge is burnt but in one particular spot, there is a perfect circle burned all the way through. She can still be heard screaming at night. – Febuary 2005 Update: This place is reported to no longer exist.

Wichita falls – the witches gate – in the 1950s there was a family that lived in a mansion and three men broke in and stole the jewelry and caught the house on fire but the father stopped the men and they all burned. About ten years ago some reporters went out there and they never came back.

The Woodlands – Walgreen’s, 485 Sawdust Rd – The store is haunted by the ghost of John Cedars, a manager who was killed execution style during a robbery in 1996. Though it wasn’t at the time, the location is now 24 hours and employees say that at nights Mr. Cedars can be heard walking the store or playing jokes (he likes to knock over the stacks of diapers like he did when he was alive). Several people have reported incidents while alone in the stockroom at night, such as toys turning themselves on and off. Occasionally things have been known to fly off shelves and break without anyone nearby. The activity calmed after the convictions of the perpetrators in 1998, but he is still a presence in the store.

Woodville – Foster Hill – A man ghost and the sounds of Indian drums that you can here echoing in the distance foot steps that can be heard but never a person to make them. At the end of the road sights of shadowy figures can be seen.

Woodville – Old Cemetery – Outside of Woodville – Noises heard, apparition of a man in a black suit seen only to disappear moments later.

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