Harlingen – Memorial Middle School – it is said to be haunted by a two little girl who had died there mysteriously. Teachers and janitors have reportedly seen the little girl ghost and have heard her crying.

Haltom City – Broadway St Bridge – down behind the old Haltom High School (Now its Shannon High) The story goes that a High School boy was killed and thrown down in the creek, a group of kids skipping school and going down by the creek to smoke found his body. This was in the mid 90’s. There are two places that he can be heard and one that he has been seen. On nights that the moon is not out if you stop and go under the bridge its really cold and you can hear heavy breathing and moaning. Also if you walk through the woods there at night you can hear breathing and a feeling of being watched. A young man has also been spotted walking along the road that runs parallel to Broadway back in the forest but as you get close to him he disappears.

Haltom City – David E. Smith Elementary – Some of the 5th grade girls who have gone to after school activities and have walked into the bathroom have said it that it tends to get really cold all of a sudden, some have heard yelling, seen writing on the walls and stall doors, been touched on the head or shoulder and told to leave because it was to dangerous there. Many girls have said they have heard ripping of tape, screams, blood dropping on the floor.

Hamilton – Pecan Creek Trail – On Highway 36 East, past the fill up station and before the old antique shop, there is a bridge. Under that bridge lies a bike trail. If you follow the trail North, stop under the Highway 36 bridge and turn towards the creek you will see a drainage pipe. Go accross to the pipe and crawl in on your hands and knees past two turns. Shine a flashlight down the tunnel and you should see a head look at you and then duck around the corner. Also you should hear metal banging ahead of you and grunting noises. Rumor has it, this is some sort of goat-man.

Haslet – Blue Mound – In the 1800’s as white settlers came to Texas, Indian tribes were being removed of their homelands. Blue Mound Hill was an Indian lookout for the tribe. The white settlers wanted to use the land for cattle and homes. This tribe was slaughtered by white settlers. Now every full moon around midnight you can see the ghosts of the Indians circling atop Blue Mound Hill, chanting and screaming for revenge. The next day ashes can be found atop the hill where the fire of the Indians anger went out. To get to Blue Mound Hill, take either North or South 287(depending on where you come from), then take a left or right onto Blue Mound Road. Follow until you get to a hill with a white shed on top of it.

Hargill – Hargill Elementary School – In the girls PE bathroom, the lockers are always opening and closing by their selves, the water comes on by itself, the bathroom doors lock them selves. We think the ghost is a young old girl because kids claim to hear a girl’s laughter,

Harker Heights – Soccer Field – Its said that there is a cowboy with red eyes that walk across what is now a soccer field then disappears in to the sewage plant and it said to be looking for the Indian tribe that had killed his family in captive, and when the cowboy disappears into the sewage plant, an Indian runs out of the trees the towards the direction of the sewage plant, before he gets
to the sewage plant you hear gunshots and the Indian falls in the tall grass and if you run over there you cant see the Indian but long a dent in the grass like he was dragged where dragged by the cowboy we believe. And you can hear light screams from a distance.

Harlingen – Dishman Elementary – Teachers have reported that fifty years ago a child was beaten to death by another student in the old girl’s bathroom and if you stay alone in there you can hear soft cries coming from the last stall.

Harlingen – Harlingen Insane Asylum – Towards Brownsville. This place was used a while ago but is now disserted. Supposedly, if you go there at night you can hear people screaming and people walking around at night. Many people had died there so maybe its there ghosts walking around.

Harlingen – Matz Street – a young girl walks after midnight crying but will not answer when you try to talk to her, she vanishes.

Harlingen – Shirley street – Some have said that they have seen a little girl next to the canoe and haunts Shirley street and the houses near. They say that she haunts Shirley street because her family lived there and died there & some people said that they have seen a white lady in back of the lake.

Helotes – Stinson Middle School – It’s known that during class that kids books will be taken away, lights will go out, or you will here screams. Happens all the time.

Hemphill – Patriots Hill- Patriots Hill is located on the boarder of LA and TX. Patriots from the Civil war set up camp there fearing that the red coats would come across Sabean Lake and fight there. The patriots stayed there and guarded their posts until the end of the Civil War. Some of the med perished there from starvation and sickness. You can hear voices on the hill and see men in Civil War attire standing guard in the woods.

Henderson – Howard Dickinson House – The house is 3 stories, 2 floors and a basement. What is seen, is a lady who walks out onto the balcony at midnight. She is seen often, but the alarms never sound. Howard

Hereford – Tower – April 2007 – This has been removed. it is on Private Property. No Trespassing.

Hidalgo – Hidalgo High School – One of the buildings of Hidalgo High School called the “G Wing” is completely haunted. It is said by teachers that in after school hours books are thrown off the shelves. It is also said that teachers and janitors have seen the ghost of a janitor who passed away a couple of years ago walking in the halls very early in the morning.

Hidalgo – Mission – Shary Mansion – Mr. Shary, who is buried across the street of what used to be his home is said to have been seen walking across the street at night, from his burial place to his home. He is also said to have been seen by some sitting on a rocking chair on his front porch. (there have been storied done on it by the local TV news stations)

Hillsboro – Canberyvilla – in the laundry room a ghost that like to drink coke they say if you leave a open coke and you go back that it will be half way gone

Hillsboro – Old Junior High Building on Walnut Street – When this school was a college in the early 1900’s, students often got into fist fights with each other in the cafeteria. One day, a fight got out of hand when a student through a tray at another student’s head and cracked it open. The student died before the paramedics arrived. People have reported seeing him roaming the halls of the now deserted building.

Hillsboro – the shadows – It is said that if you go into the shadows late at night and park your car and turn everything off you can hear voices and people walking around. After a while rocks will even be thrown at your car. And knocks on your back window. If you try to out of your car you will feel a cold presence even in the middle of summer.

Hillsboro – The Tarlton House Bed & Breakfast – It is said that he hanged himself on the third floor after the death of his second wife. Greene Duke Tarlton, the builder of the Tarlton House in 1895, built his family home with love and spared no money creating a lasting legacy for his family. Rumor has it that Mr. Tarlton himself is said to be wondering the halls at night. Witnesses have heard the footsteps and felt cool brushes, like soft kisses to their brow. Eyewitness accounts can be read in the journals that are found in every room, left behind from the weary traveler or vacationer. This house is currently a Bed & Breakfast Resort 1(800)823-7216.

Hockley – Schultz middle school – a girl hung her self in the bathroom said to be haunted.

Houston – Ale House Pub and Eatery – There has been numerous sightings and mischief here. beer mug’s go sailing across the room, food plates being flipped up for no apparent reason. Customer’s getting hit with thing’s, one so bad that he files a lawsuit against the pub stating they were responsible for his injuries (of course it was thrown out). – July 2005 Update: The Pub was torn down a few years ago and now has a book store and strip mall on the site.

Houston – Austin high school – Most of the times when students are walking alone they feel the presence of some one following them, but only on the third floor. Many students have said they have seen a young girl running down the halls.

Houston – Bellaire – Episcopal High School – People have claimed to hear her walk across the hallways and slam doors shut, sometimes even locking them. Some of the school faculty does not stay after 10:00 so they will not run into her either.

Houston – C.E. King High School – It is said that a woman roams the halls looking for her love who was said to have killed her.

Houston – Christman Road – Reports of an apparition of a girl dressed in a purple dress.

Houston – Cinemark Tinsel town 17 – Ghostly figures; little boy and man both died in a trailer park one murdered another burned to death when the whole thing went up. Doors opening, voices at night, lights turn on by themselves.

Houston – Cypress Springs High School – This is a fairly new school, built about 5 years ago in 1998. They say that a construction worker died while building the school and his body was left in the schools foundation and was never found. Noises are heard in the bathrooms. – January 2006 Additional information: In the auditorium (theater) cold spots have been felt backstage and there is no air conditioning back there. Footsteps have been heard on the catwalk. It is thought to be linked to the construction worker’s body. One of our custodians doesn’t like to stay at night because she hears noises around the school.

Houston – Edison Middle School – Reports of hearing screaming in the girl’s locker room.

Houston – Episcopal High School – Episcopal High has expanded greatly in its 20 year existence, however, many other schools have stood in its place before. The Convent, the oldest building on the campus, has four stories, but students are only allowed on the first three because one of the nuns living in the convent almost a century ago hung herself on the fourth floor. The Catholic church would not perform a service for her funeral, and out of respect, no classes of Episcopal High School are held on the floor where she supposedly still resides.

Houston – Federal Court Building 515 Rusk – The 10th floor believed to be haunted by the spirit of U.S. District Judge Woodrow Seals, who died after surgery in October 1990. The judge’s former chambers are said to always be colder than the rest of the floor and the smell of smoke from his cigars still lingers in the air late at night. Janitors and security guards report being touched and hearing voices and doors rattling when no one else is around.

Houston – Fiesta Elementary School – An old teacher who was accused of abusing children was reported to have killed herself in the bathroom of this school. At night, janitors and teachers staying after hours have seen the bathroom door open and close on its own and report hearing someone walk the halls and messing with the bulletin boards.

Houston – H.E.B on Harrisberg – Many people have seen an image of a little girl walking in the back warehouse where she was kidnapped and killed before the store was bought by H.E.B.

Houston – Hogg Middle School – In the mid 30’s or 40’s a famous gangster of the Heights Area was dug up and hung up on the flag pole as a practical joke. Janitors and Late Night Librarians have said to seen and heard his shadows and footsteps.

Houston – Jackson Middle School – It is said that two girls drowned in the pool and now haunt the place.

Houston – Jefferson Davis hospital – the hospital has spirits such as nurses, doctors, and patients that still roam its halls. Many have gone into this establishment and have had their own personal experiences such as being watched, seeing shadows, and smelling sterilization solutions in certain spots. The spirits are restless and have been agitated from all of the visitors they’ve been receiving. It was built upon a site of about 3,000 graves of civil war and yellow fever victims, from when it was a cemetery in the 1800’s. It is now patrolled fairly heavily by the local fire department, which is right next door. Explores/ghost hunters suggest that it not be visited unless you are with a fairly large group that can respect their domain. -!!Warning!! As with any abandoned building, they may be structurally unsound or you can find yourself being robbed as these kids did or much worse. – April 2005 Update: The building is currently getting renovated February 2007 Update: This building has been renovated and is now an apartment building.

Houston – Kingate village – during the time in the apartment complex a girl was killed because she saw her boyfriend cheating on her. Her boyfriend killed her and threw her in the bayou on Halloween. They say she came back to get revenge on her the person who killed her. She spotted him and killed him because of what he did. In the complex building 1501 there is a haunting of a girl that wonders around in the rooms. Some people who lived there said that they spotted her in the dark wondering as if she were lost. When they tried to call out to her she disappears. They said that the stroke of midnight that a soldier walks with a arm cut off and a twisted neck. As he passes the homes they say he breaks all the windows as if someone was shooting out bullets and when morning comes it back to normal.

Houston – Klein Collins High School – Klein Collins is a brand new school that was made in the middle of the woods recently which was actually built over a burial ground. Most students have been mentioning how they hear and sometimes see two 5 years old holding hands and running down the hallways.

Houston – La Carafe – La Carafe is located in a pre-Civil War building on Houston’s historical Market Square. The second floor seems to be the seat of the haunting. Employees have reported hearing footsteps and the sound of heavy objects being dragged across the unoccupied second floor. The figure of a large black man has also been seen standing in the second floor window after closing time. La Carafe Experience

Houston – Mendel Elementary School – The school is said to be built on top of an old graveyard. Footsteps and whispers can be heard in the halls and in the restrooms faucets turn on and off and stall doors open and shut on their own.

Houston – Milby High School – People report to have seen a janitor walk in the second floor hall. Student hear footstep down the hall and door slam shut. In the library people claim to see a ghostly figured of a librarian

Houston – Northshore High School – many witnesses working late at night have seen a girl wearing high school gym clothes in the hallway leading to the girls locker room who mysteriously vanishes.

Houston – Office Building 1011-South Highway 6 – Workers staying late at the office building often hear footsteps, elevators open as you pass them, things move, disappear and appear in strange places.

Houston – Old Greenhouse Road – The ghost of an old woman who died in a car wreck appears here. If you turn off your headlights and drive around the corner to the bridge VERY slowly, a mist forms over the bridge and comes together to form the shape of a person. They say if you stick around long enough, the apparition will begin to approach the car. My friends and I have seen this ghost appear on even the clearest of nights. The ghost seems to prefer warm or cold clear nights or nights just after it has rained..

Houston – Old Park – A little girl wanders saying “where’s my mommy?” at night. She has a white dress, and looks around behind trees. You can she her behind a tree or walking.

Houston – Old Woman Hollerin’ Creek – Located off of Interstate 10 between San Antonio and Houston, this forest-surrounded creek is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who drowned her two children in the creek, and now walks along the bank searching for them. Many have claimed to hear and see her, and it is said that if you get too close to the creek, her hand will reach out and pull you in.

Houston – Patterson Road – Patterson Road is located between Highway 6 and Eldridge in Houston. This place is rumored to be the site of a Civil War battle and the bridge closest to Eldridge is haunted. If you park in the center of the bridge and turn your car off there will begin to be tapping noises all over your car. They aren’t just the sounds of your car settling. They are mostly on the sides and the back of the car. It is said to be the spirits of the soldiers who died. Be careful, this road is absolutely pitch black at night, however you can see cars coming from either direction at quite a distance.

Houston – Patterson Street – While driving down the narrow road slowly, black objects start to chase the car. Handprints start to appear on windows and cold spots are felt in the car. Sometimes the black object runs right next to the passenger side of the car.

Houston – Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School – An old custodian who worked there in the 80’s died in his sleep. He was an older man who loved his job. In many occasions he has been heard and felt by the staff. He often @pens and closes closet doors and will sometimes call out in a whisper using the person’s name.

Houston – Spaghetti Warehouse – reports of salt and peppershakers being moved and even fully or disembodied apparitions, strange feelings of not being alone, & photos of orbs and mists throughout the building.

Houston – Spaghetti Warehouse (downtown) – This building does not have a basement. The upstairs seating area is the area that is supposed to be haunted.

Houston – The old Downtown Library Building – is said to have a ghost that plays a violin in the dead of night. Some say its the sprit of one of the old maintenance man that worked there in the 20’s & 30’s.

Houston – Spring – The Wunche Bros Cafe – Spring is really a portion of Houston on its north side. The building has served many purposes including rail station, brothel and restaurant. Many have seen an apparition of “Old Man Wunche” on the upstairs balcony. Several waitresses claimed to have seen him.

Houston – Valley Oaks Elementary School – A former worker reports always felt an eerie presence in the girls bathroom, many kids told the workers that the school used to be a cemetery a long time ago, they used just took out the engraved cements. There’s a legend that a girl died in the merry-go-round a long time ago, decapitated, on the bottom of the merry-go-round. (they don’t have that merry-go-round anymore. My sister said that when she was in the girls room, she heard a toilet flush by itself!! many report that when they turned off the bathroom lights, and chanted “La Llorona” (bloody mary) 40 times, she would appear, my sister and many students were witnesses of seeing a girl praying to Satan, to a tree, and then rolling her eyes ’till they were white.

Hudson – Largent Cemetery – Many reports of paranormal activity revolve around this cemetery and its surroundings. It is also rumored that the ghost of Robert Faigen goes from house to house looking for his family. He is reported to be a rather mischievous ghost.

Humble – 1960 Over Pass Area/Train Track – The East 1960 overpass is now built over what was once a cemetery. The overpass was built to cross a set of train tracks. Workers dug up the cemetery and moved it to the woods beside it. Now It is a extremely evil area. Several business’s along the tracks have reported violent disturbances. There was a Putt Putt course along the tracks in the area that became a church, when the church would be closed in the night demonic screams could be heard from inside. The woods are very active as well, There are images seen floating through the woods as well as red lights, which are believed to be a gateway into pure evil.

Humble – Bingo Hall – It has been said around the town that the workers of The Bingo Hall see a girl dressed in grey appear upstairs walking around.

Humble – Old Golf and Games – This area is now a church but was abandon for years only a haven to cults and ghosts. The ghosts here are the result of being disturbed by man moving their graves. About 97 percent of every sighting in this area the ghost appear as a rotting corpse. There’s a bench just outside the building where every night there a white figure that sits on the far side of the bench. The figure is that of a human. The corpse like ghosts can also be seen in the woods across from the building wandering through the turned over gravestones and fallen church. IF YOU ATEMPT TO GO TO THIS AREA PLEASE USE EXTREAME CAUTION, THERE HAVE BEEN MURDERS AND BODIES UNCOVERED IN THE WOODS.

Humble – Old Dollar Theater – This Theater is located along a area believed to be haunted by demons and demonic forces. It is part of the 1960 overpass haunting. The workers of the theater would be attacked by the evil entity. It would throw things at them and corner them with shadows. The theater was once blessed with holy water and a cross was put in the projection booth, but everyday the cross was moved from on booth to another unexplained. Some mornings the person who was opening would hear voices from the projection rooms, and footsteps outside the hall. There was one morning when the projectionist went in and found the word “SATIN” carved in the wall of projection booth 2, this booth was where most of the bang and violent attacks occurred.

Huntsville – Bowden ” Demons ” Rd. – Reports of handprints being left on witnesses 92 vehicles by unseen hands, apparitions, and a strange creature with no face.

Huntsville – Oakwood Cemetery – This is the cemetery where General Sam Houston is buried, and also where the statue college kids call black Jesus is located. It’s a bronze statue on the far north edge of the cemetery, kind of in the middle. It is in a gorgeous spot with palms and it is recessed into the woods a bit, with benches and such. All the graves in the cemetery are laid out with the feet facing East, this families graves are the only ones where the feet face west. A family erected the statue when there 5 year old son died and the bronze soon weathered to a black color that could not be cleaned. The Jesus is a classic pose with the hands out stretched and palms up, except sometime when you go out at night the hands are turned down!

Huntsville – Sam Houston Memorial Museum – When you’re in the loft of The Woodland Home at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum, you can hear people walking around underneath you, and see their footprints in the gravel leading up to the house. You can also see things fall off of Sam Houston’s desk sometimes in his law office.

Huntsville – Walls Unit, Tex. Dept. of Corrections – Walls Unit, Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice. – Ghosts and unexplained noises on the original death row (first floor of the South Building, not used since the 1950s), the East Building, and the catwalk connecting the two. One Halloween a correctional supervisor put a voice-activated tape recorder on the now abandoned old death row. When he played it back later for several correctional officers, they heard the clanging of cell doors and at the very end an unidentified voice saying “Hey captain, Hey captain.” Source: Austin-American Statesman, October 29, 1999, pp. A1, A8.

Hurst – Bellaire Theatre – Rumored to have had a projectionist pass away due to a heart attack in the building. Other spirits floating around include a young girl and a not so nice guy named Neil. Strange sounds, doors closing and actual interaction with the young girl have all been witnessed.

Hutchins – Lancaster Country Club Lake – People have reported that the purple mist has approached them while they were out on the lake at night. The phantom approaches from the north side of the lake and disappears a few feet from boaters.

Hutto – Hutto Bridge – To this day if you go out to the bridge and turn your car off and put it in neutral, ghosts push you across the bridge away to safety from Jake (the bridge is flat). And if you put flower on the back of your car you can see the handprints of them from them pushing your car.

Hutto – Jakes Bridge – Its off a county road near a commentary where supposedly a man killed his wife and kid then hung himself off the bridge. Well the bridge is what is haunted, if you park your car into neutral he will push your car across the bridge which is totally flat.

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