Fabens – Alemeda road – There is a ghostly man in white can be seen. This is between the city of Clint and Fabens. It appears he is running towards cars.

Fabens – Cattleman’s Steakhouse -An apparition of a man can be seen from the corner of your eye at night. Mainly this man haunts the area around the bar, as well as the Buffalo room and the Greenhouse room.

Fabens – Fabens head start building – apparitions of century guards at the corners of the building can be seen. they appear to be wearing old Mexican army uniforms and holding rifles. when you car lights are turned on they fade into the dark.

Fabens – Old Port of Entry – ghost horsemen ride across the border then fade out. the cross both ways, on the way back to Mexico they appear to fire revolvers.

Fabens – Junior High School – In the Auditorium there’s said to be a ghost in the bathrooms. They say that Bloody Mary appears there.

Files Valley – Goat man tunnel – footsteps, women screaming, odd lights, stained blood dripping from top of tunnel.

Fischer – Stage Stop Ranch – If you go there at 12:00 to 2:00 you will see A ghost of a man hanging from a large oak tree that is found to the left of the main plaza. He was hung in the tree in the early 1800’s for killing a sheriff’s deputy. It is said his corps was left to hang until the buzzards picked him clean. You will also hear the wheels of the wagons that once past through.

Fort Bliss – Building 4 – Many current and former members of the U.S. Army and Department of the Army civilian employees confirm stories of strange activities in one of the oldest remaining buildings on the Military Installation. One tale tells of an old Army Cavalry soldier seen in the upstairs window of the building on several occasions. Others tell of similar situations in which men and women are seen roaming the halls of the now unoccupied building. Building 4 was once used as a secondary morgue to hold the bodies of slain soldiers.

Fort Bliss – MacGregor Range Asa P. Grey Recreation Center, “Tumbleweed Tavern” – Old stage is haunted with a feeling of desertion, clicking and unexplainable noises in the night. Many soldiers and visitors have died on the shooting ranges and adjacent trails. Come visit the tavern any evening, bring cameras.

Fort Davis – Fort Davis Historical Site – There are ghosts of several soldiers there. The hospital walls are said to change color, and others have claimed to have actually seen specters in several places.

Fort Davis – The Hospital – There has been a “presence” felt in the hospital part of this fort, colds spots and a feeling of being watched.

Fort Hood – BLORA – A soldier in PT uniform that appears in the early morning hours, skipping rocks across the lake. He seems to take no notice of you, and disappears when the sun starts to rise.

Fort Hood – III Corps Headquarters bldg – personnel working security late at night hear footsteps and doors opening and closing when no one is in the building.

Fort Worth – Barbers Bookstore On 8th – Ghostly footsteps. Sounds of pages being turned, strange shadows on staircase and an apparition are also reported. Building is now an antique store.

Fort Worth – Castle – Brought from England – Apparitions of a man have been reported. – January 2004 additional information: They say a young man built this castle for his bride to be. The wedding was to be held in the newly finished house, but on the wedding day, the bride was found floating in the lake. No one was sure if she died accidentally or if foul play was involved …But a few months later the groom married the dead woman’s sister. Now, at night, the bride can be seen running from the house, across the road and towards the lake before disappearing. The actual history of the Castle is not quite as dramatic as the ghost stories it has spawned…but in case anyone is curious… The Castle was originally an 1860’s rock farmhouse that was purchased in the 1920’s by the Whitings. After extensive renovations and the addition of the round crenulated front wing and the rear tower the rambling mansion took on the look of a castle. It was completed in 1938 and Mrs. Whiting, who mostly supervised the renovation, named it “Inverness”. The residence has seen several owners in the past and at one time Gary Stewart stayed there while filming a movie in the 1950’s. In the not so distant past the castle was vacant for a long period of time and was in such disrepair it was on the verge of being condemned. It is now currently occupied and restored.

Fort Worth – Castleberry High School – Students say that the building was built on an old Indian burial ground. According to the rumor, if you go up the flight of steps that leads to the roof, you will hear voices that do not belong to anyone living.

Fort Worth – Del Frisco’s Steakhouse – In the 1800’s, this area of Ft. Worth was known as “Hell’s Half Acre” because of its numerous saloons, brothels and gambling halls. Used to be a bathhouse in the 1800s where a man was shot in the head. His spirit roams the banquet halls and the upstairs bar.

Fort Worth – Fort Worth Zoo – The zoo is home to more than just the exotic animals. the elephant keeper was crushed and killed in the elephant yard in the 1980s, is still seen near the elephant and zebra areas of the zoo. There is a woman who is dressed in a white dress and carries a parasol; walks slowly back and forth near the spot where the zoo cafe is. She dresses in attire from the late 19th century and no one knows who she is.

Fort Worth – Lake Worth – Witnesses say at night you can see a woman out on a boat looking for her lost children with a lantern.

Fort Worth – Log Cabin Village – When up in the top floor you can smell lilacs, people say that it is the perfume of a settler that was killed there. You can also hear doors slamming. Sometimes a evil spirit that resembles a man with a broken neck will scream and can be felt chasing you out of the building.

Fort Worth – Old Opera House – Some people have said that the Opera House right out side of Fort Worth is haunted. They don’t know who it is but some people have said that you can hear screaming every once in a while.

Fort Worth – Peters Bros. Hats 909 Houston – The ghost of Tom Peters moves hats around. When they acquired the space of the former pizzeria, they may have acquired the ghost of the dishwasher, Jack Martin. Jack would baptize new employees with a good spray from the dishwasher.

Fort Worth – Red Lobster on Hulen St. – Mainly seen in the kitchen a ghost of a girl likes to tease the cooks. At night employees have seen her walking the restaurant.

Fort Worth – Scott Theatre – A young actor, Ken Yandell apparently hanged himself from a pipe in the basement of this theater. His ghost seems to spend most of time in the strange corridor filled basement where he died. A wardrobe woman was so frightened one night by cackling coming from the stage, that she left and never returned.

Fort Worth – Spaghetti Warehouse – Haunted by at least 3 separate ghost. A small girl in the bathroom that turns on water, flushes toilets, and scatters paper towels. A woman in white that can be seen on the balcony late at night. A old cowboy, that throws glasses and knocks over stools.- April 2007 Update: This was closed several years ago.

Fort Worth – Stockyards – Miss Molly’s Bed and Breakfast Hotel…Located in down town. This former bordello has had a few apparitions spotted within its walls.

Fort Worth – Wal-mart – It has been said that a lady wearing a walmart uniform will be walking down one lane in the toys, and you will turn away and look back and she will be gone….later you might see her down a different lane.

Fort Worth – Wet Seal Co. Hulen Mall – It has been said that the land was built on an old Indian burial ground. Who’s to say if anything has happened in other stores, because we have heard stories, but our experiences have been the most recent and haunting. Several associates have worked there for three years and all have several stories. One recent experience is the heavy wooden doors that are locked when no one is in them open and slam on their own. The back door that opens to the outside of the mall is locked for security reasons tends to shake mysteriously, you can watch it shake violently. People are being pulled across the room by their hair, with the store closed and no one around. Voices, cool winds in the backroom, sightings when store lights are off and store is locked. Clothes and display carts moved when store is empty besides employees. Several employees see an Indian girl sitting Indian style on the floor when store is closed and lights are off.

Fredericksburg – Admiral Nimitz Museum – Some employees have heard footsteps late at night. They say you can see shadows of men walking through out. Lights will suddenly go on/off and no one else was in the building.

Fremont – There is a school in downtown Fremont that is supposedly haunted by some soldiers from a war.

Frisco – The Trails of West Frisco Community – The subdivision was built in the late 90’s on top of what few people knew was an old settler’s cemetery & Residents have reported hearing crying babies, seeing settler women and men roaming their halls and odd things like randomly falling pictures in several of the homes that are built in the community & Additionally, every year in early February a faint apparition appears and floats throughout the neighborhood. In 2006 as they were building the Dallas North Parkway just east of the area, several bodies were uncovered in unmarked graves.

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