Galveston – Ashton Villa – The Ashton Villa doesn’t have a particularly sad or tragic background but it is one of the houses that survived the hurricane of 1900. Reports of apparitions, male and female dressed in old style clothes. Feelings, of not being alone, and strange noises of movement when no one else is around.

Galveston – The Hotel Galvez – It’s on Seawall Blvd. and is the oldest hotel on the island. One room, room 505, is supposed to be haunted and most people how stay in that room, do not stay overnight. Most just feel incredibly uncomfortable there. You can also smell Gardenias in and around the room at times. There are two other ghosts there but no one seems to know much about them. There are several locations in Galveston that are haunted including the Tremont House hotel on Mechanic’s Street and the Peanut Butter Warehouse to name a few. There is a link for Ghost tours in Galveston, there is a fee Ghost Tours of Galveston

Galveston – Luigies Italian Food – Workers have seen figures of the lady and hear her whimpers as she walks down the stairs.

Galveston – Stewart’s mansion – is a long way it is lonely in front & of the mansion there is a trailer only the only thing you see when you go in is an old big picture of a man from the 90’s and a pianos a 2 store house witnesses report hearing the piano playing by it self, kids screaming for “help” and the somebody was hitting the doors.

Galveston – University of Texas Medical Branch – Old Red The building is a fairly modern one with a grid type pattern on one side. The building is concrete with sandstone like finish. The old man’s face appeared on one of the grids (there were nine total) the face is a lot like a shadow picture but is quite clearly visible. The story is that the grid where the face appeared was sandblasted to remove the face, only a few days later the face reappeared in a different grid. It is possible that the sandblasting was repeated at least one time with the face appearing yet again in a different spot. The building is quite close to the bay edge of the island and the site is very difficult to see without being on the actual grounds of the building. Someone might be able to see it from the water.

Garland – Lakeview High School – Ever since it was opened in the 1970’s, it was always consider the “bad” school. Over the years it was given the name of “Suicide High”. It was given this name because sometime in the late 70’s a boy shot himself in the bathroom. Later on in the 80’s a girl broke the mirror and slit her throat, a two girls found her. To this day there’s still no mirrors in the girls bathrooms. Later, only one girls and boy killed themselves in the school. Many students that attended Lakeview in the mid 90’s committed suicide. In the bathrooms, sometimes you can hear footsteps when nobody else is in there. There’s no windows in the school, that’s what some students feel that make rooms so cold. There are cold spots in some places, and you can hear voices too. – December 2006 Correction: A former student reports when she went there from 1983 to 1987 there where indeed mirrors. There was only 1 suicide she knows off and it was a close friend. The only truth to the story, she states, is “that we did not have windows in our classrooms.”

Garland – Smiley’s Grave. – A story of a man who had slaughtered his entire family. It is said that if you lay on his grave at midnight on Halloween….it is a bit of a struggle to get up.

Gatesville – Mt. View Correctional Facility – This is now a women’s prison but was once State School for boys. When you first start to work there the prisoners will tell you that there are little boys haunting the dorms. I witnessed this first hand more then once. One night while working 3rd shift I was standing at the sink area of the dorm and was looking in the mirror when I saw someone walking in the dayroom area. I went to investigate and were I saw the movement there was no one there. Also during a 3rd shift watch one of the female guards was making her rounds when something ran out from one of the small cubical in front of her causing her to scream and wake up the prisoners. She quit not soon after that.

George West – Live Oak County Courthouse – People have reported hearing the sounds of children playing and laughing although there were never any children harmed or killed within the courthouse. There is also a picture in the District Courtroom of an ex District court justice who’s eyes will follow you all over the courtroom. It has also been told that if you walk on the south hall on the second floor you will hear footsteps following you. The City founder George Washington West has been seen in the same hallway, I witnessed this for myself while standing on the ground outside the courthouse one night.

Georgetown – Annie Pearl Elementary School – Everyone called her the nine o’clock ghost. A little girl was killed on the play ground by her own mother because she could not take care of her. Now every night if you drive by with your lights off and windows down you can see one of the swings moving back and fourth and you can hear a small sweet voice sing “ring around the rosy pockets full of poses ashes ashes will you come and play with me please!”

Gilmer – Cherokee Trace – At different locations fog will rise up on the road. Thick enough that you have to slow down. Barely seen though the thick fog a woman and several small children have been seen crossing the road.

Goliad – Mission Espiritu De Santo – Reports of Seeing an apparition of an Indian on horse back, hearing the sounds for drums and the smell of pipe smoke. There have also been reports of a phantom wolf that runs in the woods & disappears.

Goliad – Presidio La Bahia – This is an Old Spanish mission dating from the 1700s. It is reportedly extremely haunted, due to the many Texan revolutionaries executed there by general and President of Mexico, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna on Palm Sunday, 1836. Among other phenomenon is a very short priest that roams the chapel yard, a cold, misty area in one corner, moans and sighs heard throughout the main yard, and a lady who is often seen praying in the chapel.

Granbury – Driftwood Theatre 6 – In theatre 6 you can hear children playing after close. They run up and down laughing and talking. Also their have been occasions to where people have seen a woman in a white dress walking through that theatre and through the projection booth and offices upstairs. Employees get a creepy feeling going in that theatre because of this. Also things get moved and doors open and close by themselves.

Granbury – El Tesoro Camp – The camp is haunted by Indians. Many campers and counselors have seen visions of Indians walking, crying, and on horses at night. Witnesses report, “We saw a Indian in full headdress sitting on a white horse…we all saw it.”

Grand Prairie – Estes Cemetery – (near Joe pool lake) – this place has a sign that says – ‘posted – no trespassing’ – and a man does own this land, and lives very deep into the graveyard, but he probably wont see you, regardless.. be careful… this graveyard is said to be a burial ground for dead soldiers from the civil war.. if you go there late at night/early morning (from midnight to about 3 am) you will see a red light down the road into the darkness, when you get closer to it.. it goes away… when you go in the graveyard (after jumping the fence) you hear voices.. random wind gusts.. cold spots.. and gunshots, and screaming men… and it has been reported that a couple of teenagers who went to the graveyard came back to the car, to find all the doors unlocked.. when they made sure it was locked before they went inside.. and also, there was a small child’s handprint inside the car which no human hand could reach (it was near the bottom of the windshield, meeting the dash board).. and when you leave the graveyard, if you look back.. you will see flashing lights, as if a gun is emitting a light… some have also reported strange things happening in the month visiting this haunted graveyard.

Grand Prairie – Grand Prairie Memorial Cemetery – Strange blue lights, a girl in a long white dress runs across the road in front of your car and disappears

Grand Prairie – Old road near Beltline Blvd – A girl fell off the bridge and drowned, the police and the ambulance were going opposite directions and collided into each other. The paramedics were killed. Late at night you can hear sirens and screaming.

Grand Prairie – Palace of Wax and Ripley’s believe it or not. – Believed to be haunted by victims of a fire. Strange presence felt, electrical malfunctions that could not be explained, strange noises Like Bells & someone screaming, the motion detectors would go off and there wouldn’t be any one in the building but a few staff members

Grapevine – Grapevine Lake – A small girl drowned in the lake & Commonly at night you can see a small girl walking around the lake and her voice can be heard around it & On the road commonly called “Shady Trail” by locals, you can see her walking along it and turning around to look then disappearing & There have been accidents reported of people hitting the trees on this trail trying to miss hitting the small girl & Her appearance always is a girl that looks like she has been swimming with her hair all wet and crying looking for her parents.

Grapevine – Grapevine middle school – This was the former high school and then Grapevine middle school which has now been moved as Well & The building began as a mental hospital and then was changed into a normal hospital, after malpractice charges.  The lights in rooms would randomly shut off and voices were heard in the hallways.  Basketball practices used to be held there at night until many players would hear voices and stopped showing up.

Grayson – Sherman – Woodman’s circle – This building has served as an orphanage, school, and asylum. Reports of seeing the apparition of a woman wandering the grounds, as well as strange noises ranging from voices, cries and screams.

Gregg – Longview – Old Caddo Indian museum – Museum off Farmed Market road also known as loop 1845 has been closed down for many years. The museum displayed artifacts that were found in burial sites in East Texas. Several people have seen a little ghost girl standing beside the road or in front of the museum during the night and strange sounds can sometimes be heard while driving down the street in front of the museum late in the evenings. The ghost girl is said to be that of a little Indian girl that was killed from a head injury. Her skeleton was on display in a glass case for many years.

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