Palestine – Palestine Courthouse – There is a legend of when a baby fell out of it’s mothers hands and died. At night or anytime when you are alone in the courthouse you can hear a baby crying. Some times you can hear footsteps of a baby.

Pampa – Worley Hospital – Worley hospital was abandoned many years ago. It lies in the middle of downtown Pampa. It has been broken into several times, and graffiti covers the wall. There is an incinerator on the third floor that shakes violently when opened. There is usually a distant female scream immediately after opening it. The eeriest room in the building is the nursery. It is extremely cold, and is the only room that has not been touched by vandals. Several other noises are usually heard too.

Paris – Gated House off of FM 195 – Scores of people report seeing a small boy crying in the corner of his supposed room of the very large house. The House resembles an evil watcher of its woods, standing upright looking out over the moon. Some claim to see wheelchairs creeping across rooms. Contains large amount of missing boards.

Paris – Old Plantation home in Slate Shoals – Most people get a bad feeling just looking at this house because of the way that it seems to just stare at you when you see it and you feel like someone is watching you. People report seeing a woman in the attic and hearing strange sounds. It has also been reported that you can see the wheelchair move across the room. If you look down into the well on the corner of the kitchen in the front of the house you can see a reflection and this may be the son of the slave master. Out back there are eleven cabins, on one side there are six and on the other there are five and if you go to the middle cabin, known as cabin number five, on the side with only five cabins you may hear screams. Cabin number five is where it is believed that some of the slave girls were raped and killed.

Pasadena – Deepwater elementary – this school has rumors of a teacher tortured and killed student back in 1992 on the stage in the main gym so now the stage is haunted and there have sightings of curtains moving and people falling off and lights turning off and on and a screaming voice of a little boy being tortured.

Pasadena – Deepwater Jr high – there has been rumors that a girl drowned in the swimming pool when the school was built and now she haunts the girl’s locker room by opening lockers and turning on the showers.

Pasadena – First Line Apartments – Residents report hearing strange noises during the day and night, heard footsteps coming upstairs and the sound of keys in the door, but when they went to look who had arrived, no one would be there. Also reported an apparition of a woman coming from one of the bedrooms, walking past the small hallway and continue to the next room and disappear. While she was walking down the hallway, she would pause for a short time and turn and stare into the living room as if looking for someone.

Pasedena – Gilleys – Gilleys is an old indoor rodeo that burnt to the ground many years ago. Supposedly a few people died. You get an eerie feeling that someone is watching you. You hear footsteps from the catwalk. A spooky owl flies around as if to tell you to stay away.

Pasadena – Pasadena High School – It is said that a janitor who was fixing the light in the catwalk fell to his death in auditorium. He fell in about the 6th row and if you sit there during a production or in the sound room you will get chills. If you walk up the stairs to the sound room there is a door to the roof and sometimes you can hear it slam. Also there is a girl their who hung herself because she did not get the lead role in a play and she is said to play tricks on the students putting on a production.

Pearsall – Junior High School – It is said that while constructing the school several years back a construction worker was killed. When all lights are out at the school he is heard roaming the sixth grade hall, opening and closing classroom doors.

Pecos – Barrio Santa Rosa – it is said that late at night next to the railroad tracks in front of the Santa Rosa church you can hear a women sobbing down the street with a gentle sound of her high heels walking towards you.

Pecos – Bessie Haynes Elementary – It is said to be hauntings about a builder that was on the school roof when she fell threw and died. So They named the school after her. many people have seen her wondering the halls, and heard her in the girls restroom. Also many lights have gone on and off. the haunting is mainly in the girls restroom.

Pecos – Lamar Middle School – It is said long ago a boy swinging in right swing died after falling and cracking his head open. Now a certain time between September and December the swing will swing by its self and it will look like someone is swinging on it, but the other swings are still and quiet on a calm day.

Pecos – Pecos Elementary (shutdown) – It is said that voices and strange apparitions will appear on top of the roof and in the girls bathroom. Late at night children are heard playing the rundown playground.

Pearsall – Leaving Pearsall – When You are going towards Charlotte there is a tree on the left side called the lizard tree an old man died there when he was jogging and if you go and call him,he will go and run after you even if you are in a car going 30 miles.

Pflugerville – Cinemark Tinseltown 20 – Feeling of being watched and cold spots, cups and popcorn bags and buckets knocked over often, customer’s items [like watches and other jewelry] vanishing.

Pflugerville / Hutto – Jake’s hill road – story has it that Jake (a farmer) killed his wife and 2 kids then hung himself off the bridge and if you go to the bridge and put your car in neutral and put flour on the back of your car the wife and 2 kids will push you across the bridge to “save” you from Jake -the bridge has been proven to be flat. Recently has been visited and better directions have been given: Go east on 685 to a road called Row Lane. Go down that way for a while until you reach Jakes Hill Road. Then after going down a hill you will come to a bridge, which is Jake’s bridge.

Pflugerville / Hutto – Jake’s House – Story says that it too is haunted with hearing of footsteps, kids screaming, and Jake yelling “I am coming for you.” Will get more info in the next update

Pharr – Whalen Road – There’s a dirt road that leads to a corn field and around the corn field there used to be a ranch that had two barns and a small house. There’s proven evidence that the family had died in the burning of Pharr in 1963. Almost exactly 40 years ago. They say to this day you can hear the family talking and running threw the trees screaming help. They also say that they throw rocks and sticks at the people that walk and drive by. And the addition of the father searching for his cattle dressed in black with an ax.

Plainview – Carnado Jr. High – A little boy died there and if you walk down the hall by the Gym alone you can here a basketball bouncing but there’s no one there. And the stage if your there you get the felling that’s some ones watching you and you can hear little whispers

Plainview – Masso’s department store – across from the courthouse there is a store that is named Masso’s it used to be a photo shop at the turn of the century. The Masso’s the owners of the store used to live upstairs there and had their western store downstairs. They said that they were ran out by weird stuff happening like they would leave and come back and furniture would be moved. So they moved out and used the upstairs for storage. But they still heard weird stuff happening like furniture moving around.

Plainview – Old Hilton Hotel – The hotel has been closed down for years, but the place is said to be haunted. Several rooms still have the curtains hanging in the windows that have been seen moving even though no one is in the building. There is also a rumor that the place was broken into by Satanists. They were said to have called forth demons, which are now trapped there. There is even a story about Room 529. It is said to have an open Bible lying in the floor. If you enter the room, the air suddenly turns icy and the pages in the Bible begin to turn.

Plainview – Plainview High School – In the early 1980’s some student’s were in the auditorium practicing for a school play and they say that there was some students on the top balcony put up ornaments for the play, it is said that, that after everyone one left one student stayed there and later that night killed him self by hanging him self from the top balcony. The next days where really hard on the school and under the auditorium are some what big tunnels students have been caught there skipping, about 2 weeks after that death some kids were skipping and got caught instead of stopping when told the ran into the tunnels going deeper in them, so they waited and waited for them to come out but they didn’t, finally they went in after them when they found the students they were found dead with the throats cut back all the to where the knife hit the bone, police went in there trying to find the murder but then they found that there’s a dead end at that the end of the tunnel and if someone in there would of wanted to get out they would of had to come out by the front. What killed them who knows? Many students hear the kids that die screaming, “HELP” and “PLEASE DON’T KILL ME”.

Plainview – Plainview High School – Athletic Department – one day after school the football players went straight to practice, after football practice they have to lift weights, one of the football player was benching pressing by himself with no spotter and they say that the weight was to much and when trying to pick it up he couldn’t any more and that weight fell right on his throat, he tried to call for help but that weight wouldn’t let him talk or breath, about 20 minutes later the coaches found him dead. It is said that when no one is there and you can hear the weights moving and you can hear the man screaming and sometimes see the guy walking with his head down

Point – Just off highway 69 in-between Emory and Lone Oak – there is an old graveyard where a witch was hung and burned. If you go to the very far back right of the cemetery around 1 to 2:30 a.m. and stand with your back to the tree, usually up on the hill you will see a dark apparition of a man in a suit. Witnesses also report hearing footsteps all around them.

Port Aransas – Tarpon Inn – The old hotel was built in 1886, which is almost 100 years older than me. The rooms are very small and cramped, nor do they have any restoration done. Our bathroom was glowing pink at about 3;00 in the morning. Last time I checked bathrooms were not supposed to glow pink. Our room was on the second floor, which was the top and you could hear footsteps above us. You could also hear voices in the shower, which was this really old concrete slab thing. There were cold spots everywhere.

Port Arthur – West 7th railroad crossing – A lady got her head cut off by a train one night trying to cross it when it had stopped. every now and then you can see a lady walking down the tracks and when you go look for her she disappears.

Port Isabel – Port Isabel Lighthouse – it is said that one day a guy turning 17 on that day was dared by his friends to go to the 17th step of the light house and stay there for 17 minutes. as a result, he died. Now everytime you climb the lighthouse, the 17th step creaks.

Port Neches – Sarah Jane Road – Sarah Jane was reportedly a union sympathizer during the Civil War who was betrayed and drove her wagon off the bridge into the water trying to escape from Confederate soldiers. She was shot by a soldier while trying to save her baby, who was in the wagon with her. People have reported hearing Sarah Jane and also the babe cry while standing on the bridge at night. Here is another explanation of the Sara Jane Haunting… A woman left her abusive husband, so to get back at her, the man took their 5-year-old girl, and jumped of the side of a bridge. The woman searched for the girl for years, and finally got so distraught that she hung herself off the side of the same bridge that her daughter and husband jumped off of. It is said that at midnight, if you drive across the bridge, you can see the noose on the side on the railing and you hear a woman’s voice saying, “Sara Jane, Sara Jane, where are you my Sara Jane”.

Possum Kingdom – Camp Constantine – Reports of apparitions of 2 cowboys standing there staring, also screams and yelling are heard.

Post – The Town – The small town of Post is haunted by C.W. Post, the founder of the town and of the mega dollar cereal company. I have spoke with police officers who, while patrolling at night enforcing the curfew law, have seen a person walking down the main street and around a corner. When the officers speed up to the person he vanishes or walks around corners and no trace of him is found. The local museum was an insane asylum in which Post reportedly killed himself and is said to be haunted too.

Premont – Premont Sewer Pond – late at night it is said that a shadow resembling that of a dog with wings can be seen on the mounds surrounding the pond.

Presidio – Park – Once there was a beautiful woman that was killed in that park at 12:00pm. and people claim to have seen her every Tuesday night at exactly 12:00pm. and people can also hear her voice crying and asking for help.

Princeton – Princeton & McKinney Water Tower off the Airport Road – Reports of an apparition of a woman falling from the Water Tower.

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