Refugio – Refugio County Court House – A man named Henry died while in the detox cell of the old jail. After all the lights have been turned off, he will turn them back on. Doors leading from the courtroom to the old jail will open by themselves and lights will turn on and off by themselves. Henry has been known to move things around and end up in employees’ cars.

Richardson – Shopping center at Yale and Beltline – When it was Herman’s sporting goods in the late 80’s an ex employee was let in after hours where he killed almost every one in the store. People who have worked in their later say they hear boxes moving, people laughing and than dead silence.

Richmond – The Old Jail House – This old jail house is located on Preston Street and is currently the local police department. It used to be a killing place for slaves and is now said to be haunted. Ghosts have been seen by police working the late night shift.

Rio Hondo – Rio Hondo High School – In the Rio Hondo High School when it was being constructed a man got electrocuted and died. Now the janitors that are cleaning late at night claim to see a shadow of a man in the sophomore hall chemistry hall were he died. Teachers who stay at night to grade paper also claim to here stuff and steps in the halls

Roby – Fisher County Jail – There is an inmate here that does not appear to be human. The ghost has made himself known to inmates through various forms of physical contact. Inmates have reported the spirit touching them, throwing things, flushing toilets, and just making noise. He has even been seen by the sheriff. One time, the ghost lit a stove for a jailer. The origin of the spirit is unknown, but it is believed to perhaps be the ghost or ghosts of a sheriff and deputy that were murdered by an inmate in 1927.

Roma – La Minita Creek – In the early 1950’s, during a severe thunderstorm a vehicle traveling across “La Minita Creek” on old Hwy83-seven miles north of Roma, struck the concrete guardrail. The vehicle, with its three occupants, flipped over the railing and plunged into the swollen creek. The driver of the vehicle, fighting the raging water, managed to extract his unconscious wife from the vehicle. Upon his return to the vehicle, he was unable to rescue their eight-year-old daughter. The little girls body was never recovered. Since then, some locals in the area have reported sightings of a little girl wandering the fields and woods adjacent to the creek. Numerous sightings of this “Lost Little Girl” have been reported in the area where the creek meets the Rio Grande River. Illegal aliens crossing the river have reported seeing a little girl running along the bank of the river. Dove hunters and campers have also reported seeing a little girl running through the woods, accompanied by sounds of a crying child.

Roma – Roma’s Historical Plaza – In the 1940’s, a young girl who was about to receive her First Communion fell, hit her head on a rock, and died. Now, legend has it that she haunts the community’s historical plaza. Citizens of this small town have claimed to see her walking through this area in her beautiful, white dress. At other times, they have complained of hearing loud noises in the middle of night when no one else is in sight.

Rome – Deep Creek Cemetery – About a half a mile down the dirt road there is a place called whispering bridge where some kids fell off on this 30 foot drop and you can hear the cries of the children!

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