Eagle Pass – Abandoned Radar Base – Many teens how have gone out to the abandoned base to party there have reported many strange apparitions and spirits that haunt the base grounds.

Eagle Pass – Old Texas Ballroom – In the late 1950’s it was said that an old man went crazy and shot himself. If you take pictures you will find out for yourself!

East Bernard – East Bernard High School – There is an old High School in the small town of East Bernard. In the gym there are orbs and spirits everywhere. If you go down to the girls weight room the punching bag will start and stop moving

Earth – Springlake – Earth High School – Many Students that have attended the high school have been killed over the years in car accidents. It is believed that some of them, possibly along with a teacher that was killed in a car wreck, may haunt the gym, the auditorium, and the band hall. If you go into the gym alone, you can hear people talking in the girls’ locker room. No one wants to go into the auditorium alone, because the janitors have reported hearing the same ghostly sounds every day while cleaning. It’s so bad that they now turn a radio up full blast just so they won’t have to hear it.

Edinburg – 18th St. – In Edinburg, there is a house that is haunted located on Shunior and 18th street. This house is right in the corner on 18th street and Shunior. Well this house has always been there for rent, and people that move in wont last no more than 3 months, due to extremely horrible terrifying noises.

Edinburg – Austin Elementary – strange sightings have taken place there. It is located just 1/4 of a mile from Hillcrest cemetery. It is said that late at night you can see figures walking on the school grounds.

Edinburg – Museum of South Texas History – The Museum of South Texas History was formally the old Edinburg courthouse and jail. In the original part of the building you get an eerie feeling as you walk up the stairs to the tower. The tower was the hanging room, were they would hang the convicted prisoners that were sentenced to death. It is recorded that only one man was executed in the tower, however, some people claim that more than one was executed. You can feel a cold spot in the tower. Some claim that the rope that is still hanging there swings back and forth. Shadows of a man hanging have been seen by some and many people who have passed by the building at night claim to hear voices, sounds, and wails coming from the original part of the building where the tower stands.

Edinburg – South Middle School – a couple of years ago a student fell from the west side staircase and died. come midnight you can see a white body walking around the staircase.

Edinburg – University of Texas Pan American – Troxxel Hall Dormitories- Legend has that a girl got pregnant by a guy who took her as a one-night stand but she thought he really liked her. Well when she found out that she was pregnant she attempted to give herself an abortion in her dorm room, she didn’t think she could so she committed suicide. Some student living at Troxxel say that at night sometimes they hear knocking on a certain door.

El Dorado – North East section of town – The time of day plays no concern for the unusual sightings that occur. During the daylight hours, voices of children playing and adults talking can be heard. At night strange orbs can be seen floating along the roadways some as large as a basketball. In some of the homes, sounds of dishes breaking, and none were ever seen to have been broken. Closets in the home would have auras of foreboding, as if some one was staring at you as you passed. One homeowner shot a trespassing dog at night only to find that it vanished before his eyes at point blank range. As children walk from one home to another, they would here additional footsteps along side. During a family get together several family members slept out in the back yard under a night-light placed in the yard, during the night they awoke to see a hat that belonging to the owner of the house rise from the table, lift about 6 feet in the air, go toward the back door. Once there the screen door opened and the hat proceeded inward after a brief pause. The screen door shut after the hat entered. All of this time there was no wind, and it was all done in silence.

El Paso – area around El Paso is supposedly home to “El Muerto,” meaning “the dead one” or “the dead man.” This is a common Mexican tale of a beheaded man who rides his horse through the desert with his head either carried in his lap, or hung on a rawhide thong from the saddle. “El Muerto” can also be found basically anywhere in West Texas/South-East New Mexico/Northern Chihuahua Mexico.

El Paso – Cathedral High School – The This school’s most haunted place is the third floor, which is also the floor of the freshmen lockers and most of the freshmen classes. One time an unsuspecting Freshmen went up to go get something from his locker that he had left up there and saw that towards the end of the hall a locker was left open. He started heading down the hall to see whose locker it was when the locker was slammed close and a white figure started running in the opposite direction of where the guy was that was walking down the hall. The guy started running after it but once the ghost turned the corner it disappeared. Another part of Cathedral that is haunted is a staircase that leads up into a separate classroom that is attached to the third floor. Once you walk into this classroom you can feel an eerie presence in the room. The hairs start standing up on the back of your neck and you get the feeling as if someone is either watching you are is right behind you, but no matter how much you search around the room you can find no trace of anything living or once living.

El Paso – Chase Building – Woman in red dress is said to haunt top floor. Strange red lights can be seen coming from top floor at night from a distance.

El Paso – Clint- Clint High School – In the Old Gym above the Theatre, it has been said that the body of a girl, raped by a janitor, can be seen hanging. Also in the Band Room where all instruments are stored, one can hear someone playing an instrument at night, and just being in there gives an eerie feeling that makes you run out.

El Paso – Concordia Cemetery – Traffic noise is a factor but how do you explain sounds of children playing and laughing at two in the morning. There is a section of the cemetery were score of children were buried after they died during a small pox epidemic. You can hear the hoof beats of Calvary soldiers, and just general conversation, but never really understanding the words just recognizing the human voices.

El Paso – Cristo Rey Catholic Church – This church with is part of a cloistered convent, is only open to the public during Holy Week. Many visitors have spoken of a kindly older nun dressed in traditional habit of the order. She is usually seen praying at the altar’s communion rail and slowly fades away when approached.

El Paso – Crockett Elementary – The building is aged back to the 1920’s and supposedly served as a hospital to war veterans. It’s said that on the second floor that a child not knowing the history the building had witnessed a man walking down the hall with bloody gauze on his head and amputated arm.

El Paso – Del Valle high school – It’s been known that in this school three young guys killed band members from there. And now it’s been known that at night you can hear the screaming of the killed band members, screaming for their lives.

El Paso – Desert View Middle School – One night a coach came to this school and heard punching noises on the lockers when no one was there. Another story is a lunch lady got to the school early in the morning and saw a white figure run through the gym. When no other students where there.

El Paso – El Paso Community College – Photo lab – Students and faculty have reported feeling a presents in the back of the photo lab. The revolving door has opened by its self and the curtain has opened as if someone is watching you. Some students have even reported that they felt someone touching their shoulder and breathing on the back of their necks. The school was built on top of the old Prices Dairy, and some believe a presents from the dairy has found a new home in the school photo lab. Some of the janitorial staff refuses to clean the photo lab area after dark.

El Paso – El Paso High School – At this high school, there is a hall that leads to a balcony that is closed off. Every single day, mist and fog roam the hall and there seems to be some “gooey-stuff” on the ceiling. It is said to be that near 35 years ago, a teen killed herself by slitting her wrists in the hall, then, waling towards the balcony, eventually, jumping off. A wall that was built in front of it closes off the whole stairway and hallway that leads near there. Nobody can even tell now that there was even a hallway there, but people do wonder how to get to that hall.

El Paso – El Paso Museum of Art – It was located on Montana Street, but now they moved it to the Downtown area of El Paso. Old woman was sited on various times looking at you from a window on the top floors. Lights would flicker on and off. Doors would open and shut. Moaning sounds were heard coming from the basement.

El Paso – Escontrias Elementary – A high school was built on top of a cemetery and in the girls looker room a girl named Mary was said to be getting a towel when a large gate fell on top of her pressing a deep wound in her neck. Later this high school was turned into a Elementary school were f you go to the girls restroom before you exit the back side of the school you will see five girls hung from the ceiling with many bloody hand prints on the wall.

El Paso – Evergreen Cemetery – As you drive by the cemetery you can see a boy standing on the sidewalk asking for a ride during the early hours of the morning and near the railroad tracks that are behind the cemetery there is a mist accompanied by a strong smell that might be encountered.

El Paso – Fire Station #9 – It is said that a firefighter died in a fire at this fire station. He has now come back to haunt the place. Whenever there is a fire to go to at night, the ghost will turn the lights on and off and flush toilets to wake up the firefighters before the alarm. He has even been known to do this before the station gets a call about a fire.

El Paso – Fort Bliss – Building #4 – #4 is a story of an old Military Medical Center that has been condemned for a decade or 2.Anyways there has been hauntings there ever since a medic was let down for “accidentally” killing a soldier whom had been shoot in the chest back in the 50’s.Even though its condemned certain soldiers of high ranks are in the possession of some keys to open the building once again.

El Paso – Fort Bliss – Building #13 – built in 1893 for soldiers of the 18th Infantry. A Calvary soldier was forced to retire because of his age-he may have been a doctor. This depressed man apparently hanged himself in the rafters of building 13. Also in building 13, the swinging doors in the courtroom have a habit of swinging by themselves at times. A cavalry soldier has been seen walking through the halls as well.

El Paso – Foxglove Apartments – Occasionally late at night one can hear what sounds like a cat jumping around on the furniture. Also large fleeting shadows out of the corner of your eye and nothing there when you turn to look. There was also the sound of books slamming to the ground in the bedroom while the occupants where in the bedroom.

El Paso – Henderson Middle School – Reports of six students which went to the place at night and heart footsteps in back of them and herd someone screaming on the dark hall.

El Paso – Horizon City – Ascension Blvd – On Ascension Blvd going towards Mountain View High School, one can see a man walking when you turn your lights off and look back when either coming from the school or going towards it. It has been said that there are many bodies buried along the sides of the road.

El Paso – Horizon City – Carrol T Welch – Rumors of a little girl getting killed during the construction of the school. Hearing noises and seeing the ghost of the little girl have been reported.

El Paso – Insights El Paso Science Museum – Many employees have reported seeing Indians and also a lady dressed in white. While opening the museum doors for the public one morning, we witnessed a very tall Indian man dressed like a chief staring at us from inside the exhibit hall, and then he disappeared instantly. The elevator sometimes goes up and down by itself and exhibits seem to turn off and on randomly by themselves, too. There is an eerie feeling of not being alone at night.

El Paso – J.C. Machuca Apartments – It is said that these apartments where built on an Indian burial ground. Late at night you can actually here foot steps and see dark shadowy figures in the apartments. There are also reports of things flying across the rooms and things that are moved from their original place, and put somewhere else.

El Paso – Kennedy Memorial Apts. – used to be a cemetery long time ago. Footsteps, crying has been heard. A little girl is always wondering around and you can actually see shadows. They open cabinets and wonder in the second floor.

El Paso – Kennedy Memorial Apts. – Gym- late at night you could hear someone playing basketball, you see a shadow standing in the stage. the restrooms are haunted as well, they open the water and the toilets flush by themselves, and slam the doors. When you’re standing in the middle of the gym or even walking around they push you and start messing with you. Security has reported this strange activity, but it’s nothing but ghosts!!!!

El Paso – La Hacienda Restaurant -This restaurant is on the riverbanks of the Rio Grande which separates El Paso, Texas from Juarez, Mexico. It is said that on certain nights the apparition of a woman can be seen walking near the restaurant weeping loudly and asking for her children who have drowned in the river.

El Paso – Loretto Academy – At night the bell tower is illuminated. The bells do not ring anymore and haven’t for years. Yet at night you can see the movement in the bell tower. Some say it is a colony of bats, or birds. But this shadow wears the same habit as the rest of the nuns teaching at Loretto. What this shadow represents is the spirit or energy of a much beloved sister who taught at this academy for many years and died of an illness, which kept her from continuing her duties at Loretto Academy. Her existence is well documented by the Concordia Cemetery Association, as well as her personal information and final resting place.

El Paso – Main Police Department – The building itself used to be a hospital and the room that gets the most activity was supposedly the surgery room. The room is currently the weight room, people have said to have been in there and the radio will turn on or off by itself, the lights will turn on and off, or people will pass the room and see nobody in there but the weights will be moving.

El Paso – McKelligon Canyon – The men’s dressing room at the amphitheater is said to have lights flickering and the sound of someone running across the room and banging the walls. A man was said to have died while constructing the buildings there.

El Paso – Plaza Theater – Is said to be haunted by a Fort Bliss Military Soldier that died of a heart attack while smoking in the men’s room. A man dresses in a military uniform has been seen on the right side of the stairs smoking a cigarette. &; Reports of hearing someone choking in the basement.

El Paso – Old Railroad Tracks – It is said that a bus full of children that died on this set of tracks was hit by an oncoming train. If you stop and cut your car off on top of the tracks, the dead children will push your car across the tracks. There are people that have placed baby powder on the car’s bumper later to find children’s handprints, when there was nothing around.

El Paso – Sacred Heart Catholic Church – There have been at times a woman seen in a turn-of-the-century bridal dress by many parishioners weeping in the side chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is believed to be the ghost of a young Mexican woman who was left at the altar and died not long after. She comes back in hoping that her deserting groom will come back.

El Paso – Six Poles – There is a place near interstate 10 were it is say that at night this lady is said to haunt the place since six poles was used as a slaughter site for animals early in the century. This lady that is said to work at this place accidentally killed herself with the non mechanical machine used there and it is said that late on nights her spirit haunts the place and that she appears to carry her head on her waist and a bloody scene appears every time you hear her moan in pain this place is located behind a new community college built about 2 years ago and close to an amusement park now closed because this kid got killed in the unsafe wheel of fortune.

El Paso – Thunderbird Road – When driving down thunderbird towards Mesa St. you will come upon a downward sloping hill. Go down the hill to the point where there is a slight upwards slope, stop, put your car in neutral and turn off the lights. After a couple seconds you will begin to roll up the slope with your speed increasing the longer you let it roll (you do eventually start going downhill again, so I suggest you stop your car at the top of the slope). Not sure if it’s a ghost or not, but it is abnormal.

El Paso – Transmountain Road – There have been many reports of a monk and his donkey walking this road, which runs through the Franklin Mountains of El Paso, causing many car accidents. It is said he is protecting a lost goldmine where Spanish missionaries had a large fortune. The University of Texas at El Paso confirms that this goldmine did in fact exist…but the archaeological department has had no luck in finding it.

El Paso – University of Texas – Cotton Memorial & Semon Hall – Ghosts and strange noises are reported to haunt both areas, many people have heard footsteps and echoes and screams late at night.

El Paso – University of Texas – Fox Fine Art Building & Recital Hall – there is a figure that many Theatre students see on the top balcony.

El Paso – Ysleta High School – There seems to be a lot of ghosts in that school. A cheerleader in one of the restrooms committed suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her and every night she seems to appear in there. According to one of the teachers, she saw a little girl in front of her and all of the sudden disappeared. Students went there on Thursday July the 18, and four of the girls heard the horse of the horse rider around the stadium. Then they heard a girl screaming in the old gym. In the Auditorium there seems to appear a little boy that died when he fell of the stage. And there’s a janitor that appears there too.

Elgin – Elgin Elementary school – the girls restroom is said to be haunted so don’t go in alone is the advice to students

Elwood – Allphin Cemetery -There is an unkept grave marked the year 1870, but once a year there will be a single fresh rose laid upon it.

Eola – Old middle school – It is said that some children died when a boiler blew up. You always get a weird feeling when your walking through it. During Halloween the sometimes open it up into a haunted house, since the school is no longer open anyways. During the setups and the “haunted tours” actual weird things have happened such as doors slamming and footsteps being heard. – NO Trespassing

Euless – Midway Recreation Center – October 2007 – Has been removed.

Euless – The Old Nursing Home – Back behind the new nursing home, and the drive through pharmacy, right off of Industrial Blvd.(Hwy 157), there exists an old nursing home in which all of the patients and doctors just up and left for unknown reasons. The halls are littered with the wheel chairs and medical supplies of the former residents. It is said that the moans of the elderly patients can be heard up and down the halls. And if you find the dining hall, a table stands in the center of the room stained with blood and the stench of something rotting lingers in the air. – September 2004 Update: the Nursing Home is being rebuilt. if you want to investigate, get the proper permission. NO Trespassing.

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