Katy – Witch’s grave – There is a cemetery in old town Katy that is over 150 years old where a supposed witch is buried. On top her tombstone is a giant solid granite/marble sphere weighing around 200 lbs. If you read the inscription on the tomb stone and look away, when you look back the sphere would have fallen out of place. Some reports say they have seen the sphere float and glow before it falls to the ground. Katy police have removed the sphere in hopes to keep kids away. It is also rumored if you read the inscription you will have bad luck the rest of your life.

Keller – Old Stone Rec Building – Footsteps have said to been heard by the nightshift janitors. Also, sounds of splashing water are around but the pool is empty…

Keller – Green Olive Interiors – This interior design store was once one of the oldest homes in Keller. It is alleged to be haunted by its original owners. A paranormal investigative group witnessed a whiskey bottle falling over by itself and dowsing rods being pulled from an investigator’s hands. Reports include neighbors seeing an aparition appearing in a window of the building, a ball of orange light floating through the air, voices, strange noises, and odd smells.

Kerrville – Kerrville’s Court Yard – it is known that a young woman was killed here by her boy friend in the late 1800’s and her bf then hung him self after killing her he was a very jealous guy people have experienced seeing her and her boy friend fighting around midnight then you will see him kill her then later on in the night you will see him hanging in a tree whoever goes there at night will feel sad and start to cry for no reason then you will feel some one breathing down your neck and there would be no one around then your car will lock and unlock lights will flicker in the court house then you will see a young woman running real fast trying to escape her jealous boy friend then your car will shake and there will be a banging noise on the top of your car.

Kerrville – Schreiner University – Delaney Hall – Most in Kerrville already know that Delaney Hall on the campus of Schreiner University is haunted by 8 spirits. Rumor has it this school suffered several freak accidents in the 1950’s and 1960’s.The Deaths include: One kid who killed himself and yet another who suffered a fall down the steps of Delaney hall in which he died instantly from a broken neck. Recently the students of Delaney hall tried to reach a spirit using a ouija board. This is how the students learned of the other 6 spirits as one of the spirits told of the news. Many strange occurrences have gone on in Delaney Hall such as apparitions of kids are seen late at night. Once when the building was empty the security on the campus of Schreiner witnessed a light being turned on and off. When the Kerrville police department arrived nobody was in the building. Delaney Hall is also full of cold spots. Students are also awakened by their televisions and radios being turned on and off by themselves.

Kerrville – Tivy High School – Strange feelings of not being alone and apparitions.

Kerrville – Y.O. Ranch Hotel – Apparitions of cowboys walking around the courtyard after 3am in the morning near the swimming pool and vanish.

Kerrville – Y.O. Ranch Hotel –The Sam Houston Café – A phantom patron has been know to ask to use the bathroom.

Kilgore – Danville Cemetery – During the 80’s a woman was killed by radiation while working at a power plant in Oklahoma. She is buried in the cemetery and it is said that her grave glows green at night.

Kilgore – Kilgore College – Several years ago, a girl committed suicide on the eighth floor of Stark Hall, which was the girls’ dorm at that time. The college closed that floor for several years after the fact because people complained about strange noises, footprints on their bed, extremely cold spots, and the feeling of being watched. The floor has been reopened ever since the dorm was remodeled. The residents of the eighth floor still complain however of strange happenings, such as knocking and scratching on the walls along with cold spots.

Kilgore – Pirtle Cemetery – A boy died in the cemetery and he was afraid of the dark so his mother sat at his grave every night for a year holding a lantern. Then she died and every night the light would still appear. From time to time the lantern still appears in the far corner of the cemetery.
Kilgore – Sabine River – In the 1800’s and old lady named Annie lived deep in the woods off the river bank. She was accused of being a witch. A group of men went to her small shack one night to kill her. They drug her outside, chained her to a tree and beat her to death. If you can find the remains of the old shack, you can hear chains dragging across the floor, screaming, and the sounds of whips.

Kilgore – Tywhiskey Creek – In the bottoms of the creek there is said to be a chicken man. Many sightings occurred during the late 60’s and 70’s. If you go into the bottoms at night you can hear loud sounds as if whole trees are snapping in half and loud strange sounds deep in the woods.

Killeen – Maxdell Bridge – A few years ago a bus from Maxdell school was taking a trip to a neighbor hood threw Maxdell bridge. The bus got into an accident and everyone died. It is said today that if you go threw Maxdell Bridge, you can hear the screams of children and mysterious finger prints will appear on you car.

Killeen – Randalls Food Store – currently Hastings – It was felt by many managers that there was a ghost roaming the managers office and the store aisles. This ghost would knock off magazines from the check stands onto the floor. Also, it was seen that the ghost would make pyramids by food cans on the aisles. There was also a door leading to the catwalk of the store in the managers office, late at night many times you would feel a cold chill and wind blow papers off the desk.

Kingsville – Chela’s Market – reports of thumping and lights flickering on and off at night and of people seeing figures in the windows

Kingsville – Jones Auditorium – The was a worker who fell out of the rafters during construction and passed away. He now haunts the theater. There have been reports of lights turning on and off, doors locking, and costumes falling off the racks.

Kingsville – Texas A&M University – Apparitions have been seen by numerous people. Cold spots and feelings of being watched in Lewis and Turner Dormitory Hall. Said to be haunted by male student who committed suicide (Turner Hall) and a female student who did the same in Lewis Hall.

Kingsville – Texas A&M University – The Bell A Guy was said to of hung himself and know at midnight you can see his shadow on all 4 corners of the Bell.

Kingsville – Texas A&M University – Bishop Hall – At night you can hear a girl in the halls. You get feelings of coldness in some places. Some girls have even felt the presence of a person in their room. Sometimes girls feel somebody playing with their hair along with the sound of somebody breathing near them. At times doors that are locked unlock on their own and will open. Other Girls have even heard moving of chairs being dragged across the dorm when dorm rooms on not being occupied. Showers have even been said to turn on and off on their own when there is nobody else in the dorm bathrooms. Most of these experiences have happened on the third and Second floor. Some say it is the spirit of a young girl that went crazy by playing the Ouija board and hung herself.

Kingsville – Turner Hall – In turner hall on the second floor in restroom to the north side. It is said that late at night you can see in the corner of your eye a passing black shadow flowing from the last toilet near the window to east exit. Also while showing you can see a passing shadow on the cretin.

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