Marion – Jefferson – Good Shepard Clinic – The Clinic used to be the old Jefferson Hospital, The ambulance crews use one section of the old hospital as living quarters, the work out room used to be the nursury. There is one room in the quarters that they will not go into. Some have said that they have seen shadows in throughout the building that are not in the living quarters, after the clinic has closed late at night.

Marfa – the Marfa Lights – It is a great tourist attraction. For years everyone has gone to this place on the road between Marfa and Alpine. No one knows if the lights are in fact spectral or of UFO origin.

Marshall – Marshall Pottery – HWY 31 – A patron of the business reports seeing an apparition of a head. It was looking up towards the ceiling, long curly black hair, pale face, no expression at all, only at second glance it was gone. Strange cold and warm spots felt as well.

Marshall – Marshall Pottery – HWY 59 – When they were building the new plant, they apparently found one of the workers dead by a tree when the construction first started. That tree was located what is now, the center of the warehouse. Unknown causes of death. The second story is that the plan was built on ancient sacred Indian grounds, it may be both. Workers will very clearly hear their name called, even with the roaring of machinery.

Marshall – Stagecoach Road – Reports of a spectral stagecoach, & apparitions of men carrying a coffin.

Matador – US HWY 70 – Though much of it unconfirmed highway 70 between Matador and Paduca, TX has a lot of deadly history. Many car accidents have occurred here. The nearest hospital being over 80 miles away many accident victims do not survive. Driving through at night can give you a complete sense of dread. Some drivers claim that on the highway the became very agitated wondering if what they were feeling was real. Wondering if they were alive or dead. Paranoia is the strongest emotion felt here. Many have claimed to see lights and refractions coming from the Matador Cemetery. This desolate highway has very little to offer in the way of peace. It however has much to offer in the way of death.

Maxdale – Maxdale Cemetery – It is believed that this very old cemetery is haunted by an old man with a limp, some say he was the caretaker of the cemetery. There is also a small old iron bridge you have to cross to get to the cemetery which is also believed to be haunted if you go at night to visit the cemetery and you stop on the bridge turn off your headlights and count to ten then turn them back on there will be a man hanging from a noose. Who is believed to have hung himself when he could not save the life of his girlfriend who had drowned in the river under the bridge. Another story is that a man committed suicide by driving his truck off a small bridge on the road to the right side of the cemetery. Witnesses report a phantom old truck appearing behind them. Chasing them for a moment, along with a sad presence felt through out the entire cemetery.

Maypearl – Greathouse Cemetery – Strange heartbeat sound has been reported.

McAllen – La Casa de Palmas – the third floor is extremely haunted.

McAllen – Toys R Us – Four years ago a young boy was climbing the ladder to get to the loft. When he got to the very top he fell and was killed instantly by having his neck broken. Every once in a while during night crew u can here a young boy laughing and running around in the loft. Lights sometimes turn off and on and certain locked doors will open but remain locked.

McKinney – Buffalo Joes – A fine dining restaurant located in downtown McKinney on the east side of the old city hall. The restaurant has four areas. the lower level, the main dining room upstairs, the private banquet room, and the storage area behind the banquet room. A mischievous spirit occupies the storage area. Sometimes our toilet paper would be strung out, other times forks would be pinned into walls. All the employees left at the same time just because we were easily freaked out being by ourselves up there. The restaurant used to be a brothel when McKinney was first founded. Also check out the jailhouse restaurant, a couple blocks west.

McKinney – McKinney downtown. – In the old court house there is a lady in white. At night, she is looking out the window. They say back in 1896, she hung herself.

McKinney – McKinney Public Library – Many books in the library are misplaced, bookcases are being knocked over, and money being taken out of the register and books not paid for being put in purses and other personal belongings.

Mesquite – Eastfield College – Built in the early ’70’s on the site of the old Motley Mansion. The Motleys donated the land for the school after the house was burned down by vandals. The family cemetery is still there and includes a grave for an severed arm! Anyway, the theater of the school is said to be haunted by a man who watches practices of plays, etc. He has been reported several times in the past twenty years or so.

Mesquite – Galloway Elementary – Several stories are told from employees too visitors whom went through personal experiences of that school. Children heard running up and down the halls at night, from janitors that work there. Chairs moving in the lunch room. A women spotted by a janitor at night walking down the hallway at night dressed in 19th century clothing. And a gym were children have been spotted in the daytime that don’t exist. There is a story of a teacher that told his children they couldn’t use the restroom in the gym without permission a child stood in front of the restroom watching and ran in. he said hey you cant go in there. When he went in there too get him, no one was in there and there’s no other way out. and on the last day of this employees job he said out loud in the gym, “you can have it I don’t have too deal with you anymore”, as he was walking out, a hockey stick was thrown across the gym and no one was in there. This was after school hours. Witnesses there at night and heard children on the playground with no one there. There are many stories about that school for many years.

Mesquite – Hampton Inn & Suites Convention Center – reports of a male apparition with black pants and brown shoes when there is no one else there. Employees even spoke to a ghost girl before they realized she was a ghost. Feelings of being watched.

Mesquite – Old Holloman’s Road – Hollomans Road is a small dirt road that curves between Lawson Rd. and Bruton Rd. There is a solitary home that has sat for many years abandoned on this small street. It is the only structure on the road. Brave teenagers have tried to walk the street at night only to disappear never to be seen again. The road became such a danger that the city closed the road off. Witnesses become overwhelmed by a sense of dread and of being watched, even in broad daylight. In the 80s, a Dallas man killed a young woman and her young son and dumped their bodies on that dark and brooding road (this is easily checked, as the case was just solved in the last year or so).

Mesquite – Trail Dust Steak House – It is said that there was a man working on the upstairs railing above the dance floor when the restaurant was being built. He was adding something to the railing, when he fell to his death on the left side of the dance floor. His name is John Brown, he has his own table in the upstairs dining area. Table #218, it sits between the entrance to the kitchen and the grill window. The upstairs lights are on a timer, set to go off at exactly 1am, but John likes to keep the light above his table lit till way after that time. Also, managers and employees have quit there jobs there because around 4am, some nights, they have seen lights turn on and off, phones ring off the hook, printers spit out whole rolls of gibberish, doors swing by themselves, and also hearing footsteps on the dance floor. He is also known to haunt the men and women’s restrooms upstairs, no matter what, the lights find a way to mysteriously turn themselves on in the restrooms. There has also been reports of cold spots felt in the women’s restrooms.

Mexia – Battery Road – (urban legend since at least the 60’s) – Legend is you can go down it at midnight and turnoff your car and lights and you will see a ball of fire and as you watch this ball of fire it seems to come right at you and flashes real bright.
Mexia – Wal-Mart – ghost keep unstocking the shelves as you are stocking and know one is in that part of the store. The new super center opened up a short distance from the old store and it still is happening. If you tell “Oscar” to leave you along and stop tearing the place up he will stop and sometimes, he just may go bother some other stocker.

Midland – Museum of the Southwest – The ghost of it’s murdered owner when it was a mansion haunts upstairs.

Mineral Wells – Baker Hotel – A young man and his friend were fraternizing with the laundry women in the basement or what used to be the laundry rooms. His boss was going to check on them so the first man jumped into the elevator the second man however was caught in between the closing door and died. It is said if you go by the elevators at night you can see him. Another legend is that a mistress was so distraught that she could not have her lover killed herself in the Baker. You can smell her perfume of lavender at night in the hall where she killed herself. Numerous orbs have been seen in pictures along with amazing ecto photos and sounds, apparitions and smells.

Mineral Wells – City Park – While sitting in the bleachers, you can see figures in baseball uniforms walking across the field. Orbs have been photographed by the jungle gyms.

Mineral Wells – Fort Wolters Complex – Y.A.C.C Youth Program 1980’S – Man’s Dorm room 1ST Building from road It was reported that during WW2 when they use to train pilots there, their was a young man who did not want to go to war so he shat himself and now he roam the old barrack where he died.

Mineola – “Cry Baby
Bridge” – The story goes that when the American Indians roams the hills of East Texas they were being massacred by the white man. The chief learned of a planned attack and had separated the women and children from the his men. The white man planned for the split and killed the chief and his men by the huge trees by the bridge. The women and children were slaughtered right by the bridge. There are a couple of trees that are still there and with the leaves & branches are shaped like a Chief’s head gear with the shape of a face. If you go to the bridge at night and turn your engine off right on top of the bridge, roll your windows down, you can still hear the cries of the women and children that were massacred.

Mission – City Cemetery – It is said late nights there are small troll-like creatures that have chased or frightened people off.

Mission – LaLomita Mission – This old mission has just recently been open to the public. In the mission’s heyday, priests were rumored to be having intercourse with the nuns and burying the children’s bodies on the grounds. One night some illegal emigrants, who were aware of what was going on, went in and killed two of the priests. The third priest went to get help, but died while searching. The robes and bones of the priests were on display up until a couple of years ago. Thereafter, it became an asylum for the mentally challenged. Many of the people working there reported seeing figures in robes walking around the grounds at night. The asylum shut down completely recently, but the grounds are still open to tourists during the day. You may not be able to go inside the old mission, but it is still worth going the trip.

Mission – Mission Junior High School – Science Building East Stairwell – formerly Mission High School At night, you can just make out the shadow of a man walking up and down the stairs ( supposedly a teacher who fell down the stairs when he was leaving one night after school.) During the daytime, that side of the building is colder than the other and lights and other electronics do have trouble.

Mission – Mission High School Football Stadium – Some believe a young girl at this school fell from the top of bleachers and died, & her ghost now haunts the bleachers at dusk. There are conflicting submissions that say no one has ever fallen off the bleachers. There may be other reasons as to way it is haunted.

Monahans – Monahans High School – Auditorium – Supposedly a girl hung herself in there and now in the basement you can see and feel the spirit. She is known to go through the costumes and hide things in really odd places.

Monahans – Rudy park – in 1981 a woman was beaten, raped, and brutally murdered in the park, at night if you stand under the the water tower you can hear her screams, there have also been many sighting of strange lights near the tower

Monte Alto – La Bodega – It is said this place has claimed the life of many. There have been many sightings and stories about noises when there is nobody but the people who cleanup. Noises that sound like if the place is in working order. Workers report hearing laughter from rooms that are not in use. People claim to feel chills and see shadows. People dying from accidents, shootings. Don’t get caught by yourself you might get surprised.

Montgomery – Community Building – The Community building is where the town used to hold all there meetings including trials. there are two cages located in front of the building were they used to hold prisoners. It is said if you walk inside the doors of the cages at night you can hear moaning and other sounds of pain.

Montgomery – Conroe – CISD Administration Building – Formerly Sadler Hospital – now offices for the Conroe school district. Double doors swing open for no reason (not electric). Sounds like someone whistling a tune, when no one in the room with you. Toilets flush for no reason. Deceased loved ones perfume filling the room.

Montgomery – The woodlands – Terramont Park – This is a very new park, and while the park was being built 3 men died in a truck from heat exhaustion. Now when you are at the park at night, it is said that you will suddenly get really hot flashes. Some people claim to see a truck parked out on the field, which as they get close, vanishes into the woods

Moody – Moody High School – The new High School going towards Temple is “said” to have been built on an Indian burial ground. Teachers would tell of times they would be up there at night alone, and would hear lockers slam or glass break.

Mount Pleasant – Pizza Hut – in the 80’s, four people were murdered after close one night. you will see a girl who worked there at the time walk past the front windows. there are still bullet holes in the windows and back freezer where one guy was stabbed and another shot. also, when you put silverware on the tables after close for the next day, with no one there, you leave then come back 5 minutes later, all the silverware is slid to the opposite side. the intercom phone rings which its not suppose to do in the first place and when you pick it up, there is a whisper but you can’t tell what they are saying.

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